Aw dang.

Gringolia is throwing a big cool front in there to bodyblock Chantal,
and it's spilling so fast it may hold her over, or nearly over, the
Yucatan, raining while she breaks up.

That is not the forecast. It is the reason the forecast calls for
Chantal to enter the Gulf after crossing the Yucatan and bend west to
water Mexico.

But the front is moving fast and could bonk the storm before she gets
far away from Yucatan. Especially if strength builds in behind the
front -- the very phenomenon that kept Keith checked in at Journey's
End on north Ambergris Caye for an extended stay last year, to the
demolition of all and sundry.

Demolition is not the prospect, but a long soggy stretch may be.
Chantal's very large. She can stretch her splatter practically all
over the Yucatan and points south, and is likely to get even fatter
and sloppier if her indifferent organization weakens over the Yucatan.

Chantal, as we know, has made a habit of being as annoying and
disagreeable as a weak fat sloppy storm can be.

Cuss and gargle.

John Lankford