Another lee update:

Things are pretty much the same as they were this a.m.
There is no rain at the moment, and the only
discernible threat of anything seems to be the
continuing threat of beach erosion from the wave
action. Those locals who choose to stay can be seen
walking around observing the wave action with
amusement as if it were a normal day and a circus was
in town.

In fact, aside from the grey and overcast skies, the
one thing that would make it seem like something is
amiss is the obvious lack of business activity. Most
of the businesses are closed, except for the local
grocery store � Alan Chan's Supermarket. Since I
heard a rumor not too long ago that the electricity
will be turned off at midnight tonight, I made a
beeline to the supermarket before they close at 3:00
p.m. today (that is what their posted sign says) to
pick up some candles. They were still open, but must
be the only store open today because I became very
amused and the amount of winos and local drunks
gathered outside Chan's. Apparently it's the only
place that they can get their alcoholic fix today. I
wish them luck for tomorrow.

On the way home, I noticed a squaking chicken running
across the street in front of me, followed by local
"immigrant" (from the mainland) personality, Jacko,
hot on its trails. Jacko made a giant tackle leap
worthy of the WWF to catch the scared bird and left
skid marks in the sand where his face slid. Needless
to say, the chicken got away.

Earlier today a troop of BDF soldiers arrived. Yes,
they are already here to stop any looting. And about
an hour ago, I saw a BDF plane coming in for a
landing, which I assume was bringing in supplies for
the men on the island.

Aside from that, there is not much change of activity,
or much activity. Most people left the island, which
was apparent today when I walked down the road.

That's the story so far.