Hi again:

While the captain of the ship, my little munchkin,
Blayd, has stopped ordering me around long enough for
him to take a nap, I can post another update on Caye

The winds have picked up, and I would guesstimate they
are gusting about 25 ­ 35 mph right now. The trees
are bending and swaying with the breeze, but I have
not seen any cohones (ok, nuts!) fall off the trees

The sea level appears to have dropped back to its
normal level. And while the “battering” waves seem to
have increased in height (about 2 ­ 3’ now), the
normalization of the sea level has them coming in at a
level where they are no longer causing havoc except to
the immediate beach area.

Rains have been steadily increasing, and a driving
rain storm just made its way over the island. Outside
the reef area still looms ominous, and the reef area
still continues to “boil” over.

Aside from that, no reports yet of trees down or any
damage of any sort. I must say I have not walked to
the back of the island yet to note any changes there.
This I will have to do tomorrow, I suppose, as
daylight is slowly fading.

A few people were out scrounging along the beach to
see if any bales of white powder would float in.

BTL is acting weird! Several connections to the
internet result in my time running but an inability to
access the internet any at all. I’m sure BTL will
bill me for all those minutes I keep hoping a web page
will pop up!

Oops! The captain is screaming orders once again.
Gots to run! More later when I have free time!