Monday night
Well yall the storm is here, but I tell you I am not impressed, Chantal looks worse on satellite, sure hope the B**** doesn't make me eat my words! Now I do know it could get worse but we are only getting a little waves wind steady at about 25-30 mph with gusts up to around 40-60 just a little tropical rainstorm here. The eye passed over us about 2 this afternoon strange to see the bright hot sun out and thunderclouds all around. We moved the sailboat as well as 2 other boats this morning,to the south end of the island that was an adventure! With the energy building up all around us, it wasn't rough but the dark clouds coming in and the color of the water was a sight to see. It rained all the way back, dad came to pick us all up, and everyone is now toasty, clean and warm.

As of now there is not much of a surge but the waves are coming up to the top of our deck, so I am crossing my fingers it stays down, as a bad surge could do alot more damage than wind sometimes. the winds were suppose to come out of the north east, but they are coming more from the back side, I do hope the BoatYard is okay. It does look like we will be seeing a little worse weather as the night progresses, so we are relaxing now and having some spaghetti. it is quite funny listening to the weather channel they are saying it will hit Chetumal, but we are right in front of it, I guess they don't know that it is on top of us! 4,000 have left the island by plane not including the ones that left by boat, Belize Defense Force is already here and curfew is in effect, also they have ceased to sell alcohol. I am happy I own a bar! Well the cable just went out so chances are phones and electric are next, but at the rate it is moving, and being in the middle of town contact should be back sometime tomorrow if it goes. I am going to get the generator ready.

Don't worry about us we are ready!