November 10, 2005
Hyde and Espat Return to Belize Cabinet
The Belize Times has confirmed that two Ministers who had left the government of Prime Minister Said Musa in December 2004 in protest over government policies, have been re-appointed. The move comes after increasing concern about the Peoples United Party's declining popularity following intra-party feuding. The party faces a serious challenge from the opposition United Democratic Party in the City Council and Town Board Elections scheduled for March 2006:

After consultations with members of the Cabinet and the House of Representatives, the Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Said Musa announces the following changes to the composition of the Cabinet:

Hon. Mark Espat will serve as Minister of National Development, Investment and Culture.

Hon. Cordel Hyde will serve as Minister of Defense, Housing, Sports and Youth.

The National Development and Investment portfolio includes various aspects of Belize’s economic development agenda including Social Investment Fund and Basic Needs Trust Fund projects, investment promotion as well as responsibility for export processing zones and commercial free zones.

As Minister of Housing Hon. Cordel Hyde will take responsibility for the southside development projects, a major component of which will be low cost, affordable housing, infrastructural improvement and urban renewal.

These appointments take effect today, Thursday, November 3, 2005.

It was also announced today from the Office of the PUP Secretariat that the Party Leader has invited Hon. Mark Espat and Hon. Cordel Hyde and they have agreed, to serve as two new Deputy Campaign Managers of the People’s United Party. Both Espat and Hyde have previously served on the National Campaign Committee of the PUP.

The return of the Albert and Lake Independence Representatives to the Cabinet did not come as a complete surprise to a discerning Belizean public. They knew all along that Prime Minister Musa never shut the door, but rather maintained “a big tent” approach in his style of governance.