from Julian downtown:
Calm morning.
The roar from the reef still breaks the quiet of the morning.

The beach is dirty with sea grass and debris from nearby areas.

A few of the streets have deep channels in them caused by the rain and
there are a few business signs down.

The Northern and North Eastern skies are still black as if more rain to come.

Looks like we fared just fine thru Chantal.

Took a
walk around here and things really look pretty good. Lots of water in
the back, but we usually get that with lots of rain. Houses and roofs
intact. Beach covered with sea grass but really not lots of other
debris. All piers that I can see from here are still fine. Water level
about where it was yesterday, maybe a little lower... about 3 feet below
the level of the piers. Can see where it came up pretty high during the
night, but the waves aren't coming quite as far up on the beach right


my recommendations are to sit tight for awhile still, check the GOES, the storm is going nowhere fast, and theres more to come....

this thing has rival centers, and the left side one went thru last night. now the right side is gathering momentum. things are tightening up around a center straight east again, and that sucker has to go thru before this is over

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