The storm system, wind and rain from infra-red seems to stretch now from Caye Caulker to Cozumal along the eastern seaboard of the Yucatan. At first glance these presume the storm has moved back to the north east. Hard to tell!

However, the trough and possible eye, seems to have moved about another 30 miles from the cloud cover satellite photographs more to the west of Bahia Ascunsion. About 80 miles west of the Bay. I think what we are seeing is a consolidation of the bad weather on the east side of the storm. With a northwestward movement.

Not being clearling defined and with no rotation is also a plus of course. Cause it has not much wind except in thunderstorms.

One set of cloud cover photographs show a clearly defined trough from what is presumed to be the center around 80 miles west of Bahia Ascunsion, cutting down along the Yucatan, over Ambergris Caye and on down to the Bay Islands and ashore in Honduras at Puerta Lempira area. This is a distance of 400 miles, like a wall cut through the clouds in a meandering path from way up in Mexico down to Honduras.

The rain and weather has for the most part drifted north of Belize now, and is consolidating along the eastern coastline of the Yucatan for the moment. There is an eastern component that might drop some more rain on Ambergris Caye, but is not expected to be anything much than a typical summer line squall.

The story is not over yet, but expect it will be, by the end of the day.

Ray Auxillou