This is an update on the funds raised for the KHMH Fan Project. To date, we have received a total of $2250 BELIZE DOLLARS towards the project which would be the equivalent of 50 fans. Although others have pledged funds, we have not collected on some of those pledges yet. Here is a list of $$ (in BELIZE DOLLARS) I have collected so far:

Auxillou Beach Suites - $500
Chris & Pam Morrill - $500
Karen Cochrane - $200
Kerry Curren - $100
Hope & Dan Walters - $100
Beth Babecki - $200
Brian Boarts - $ 50
Stan & Flo McWillis - $100
Valerie & Eugene Meighan - $200
Marty Casado - $200
Ilna Auxillou - $200
Simon Backley $100

Additionally, I have received a few pledges which I have not yet collected. If those pledgemakers could please forward the funds, it would be nice to once and for all bring this project to a close. Dr. Rosado, the CEO of the KHMH Hospital has indicated that the hospital has duty free status and could possibly purchase fans from the freezone. If so, this would help to make the contribution to the hospital even greater that had been originally envisioned. Hopefully, if we can wrap this up shortly, the KHMH hospital could have its fans as a nice Xmas gift. Thanks to all who donated. Your generosity is the best!!

Thanks and email me at [email protected] with any questions