I am sorry about not being able to report more today,
but BTL has had me in a strait jacket. I have not
been able to connect all day.

At 10:00 a.m. today, it seemed like the coast was
clear. There was sunshine, calm, and the sea level
was back to normal. People were going about their
daily business, and a few others were combing the
beach area to view any damages. As far as I can tell,
there were no structural damages or trees down on Caye

Most boat owners could be seen retrieving their boats
this morning. What were empty docks last night were
again marinas by noon.

My sister and her friends flew in around 11:00ish a.m.
on a flight from the City. The CC water taxi
association will not be running boats until tomorrow,
but I noticed this evening some tourists coming off
individual water taxis not associated with the CC

During the early afternoon, the wind picked up, the
skies became overcast again, and we have had light
drizzles here and there. The sea is light chop to
choppy. I would not send my children on a water taxi
under these circumstances. It is choppy enough to be

Since then, we have had steady winds of about 10 - 20
mph (of course, I am just guesstimating as I am no
meteorologist). In fact, the wind has kept up since
early afternoon, and lasting much longer than it had
during all of yesterday. Yesterday we had higher
gusts, but those were mostly accompanied by rainfall.
No rainfall, no winds. Today is different.

During the course of the afternoon, it seems like the
wind has shifted direction. Earlier, it felt like the
wind was coming from the south. Now, it looks like it
is coming from the East. Skies are currently overcast
and it looks like there will be more rainfall tonight.
This is a stark contrast to early this morning when
the sun was up and you could have mistaken it for a
March day.

People are out on the pierheads fishing and the
supermarket opened at 3:00 p.m. today.