As predicted here, the Gringolian Wall sqwushed Chantal.

Her course turned west-SOUTHwest, and none of her is getting enough of
the Bay of Campeche to keep her alive. At 9 AM Belize Time, the
Mexican and Gringolian authorities reached accuerdo in pronouncing her
unworthy of further communiques, fizzling about 45 miles southeast of

Storm fans will recall the Gringolians, on seeing Chantal, deployed a
Superhumongous Behemothic Mark One Mod 3 Coastblocker high pressure
system that built in and corked the Gulf of Mexico and stalled Chantal
over the Yucatan. I thought their defense budget was underfunded.
Well - - -

The aftermath leaves enjoyment for third-eye advocates. Chantal as
eventually defined and dismissed was circulating around her second
eye, the first having gone west, all as acknowledged by the National
Hurricane Center when it yanked back her position estimate in the
predawn hours of Tuesday. She was never an orderly lady.

Trailing vortices prompted much pondering, palaver, and ohno, as they
were embedded in the vast tail of Chantal, the tail she never quite
succeeded in dragging entirely onshore. Vortex after vortex formed up
and grounded, one on north Ambergris, and then, one after another, up
the Yucatecan coast. They seemed to be firing off a cell parked off
north Ambergris Caye -- a common summertime nontropical phenomenon,
this one involved in Chantal's tropicality, but not enough to stifle

Late last night an ominous cloudmess sailed on Chantal's long
influence train, helped by an anticyclonic high to the east, up to
join the remains of Chantal's big fat abandoned fanny.

Said fanny was firing off a thunderhead off Belize City this morning.
And there was a tiny trough between newcomer and fanny, also breaking
out in clouds, signifying Chantal's legacy, tug-of-warring
cloudmesses, is still going on to a diminished extent. Coastal Central
Belize was getting thick clouds and possibly rain out of that dynamic.
Half of the newcomer was approaching Ambergris and Caye Caulker from
the southeast and the other half was trying to stick to one place and

Prospects? Probably nominal, but those leftover cloud systems are full
of energy and due to dine on today's sunlight. Organize? Most probably
not, but not impossibly. "When you're spinnin' round, things come
undone / Welcome to Earth, third rock from the sun", the song says.

A system is near the Virgin Islands with the potential to organize
Wednesday morning, and the Hurricane Center is saying Y'all look out,
now to those people over there. Too far north for the western
Caribbean, of course.

Here's a coupla pitchers:

John Lankford