First time in San Pedro this week, and had one of the best nights ive had in a while....and I know I wasn't the only one! Last Saturday I was fortunate enough to attend Fidos for a fund raising event. Im not exactly sure what's for, but they were selling autographed calanders and shots. I heard they made a lot of money, which is great! Those Calendars are classic, and if there are anymore left I suggest anyone visiting San Pedro get one. The band that played there rocked the house too. They're called 20/20 and played a truly impressive variety of music. My two personal favorites were "Last Dance with Mary Jane" by Tom Petty, and "Breath" by Pink Floyd. I didnt think any band could cover Floyd, but they did and it was great! Anyhow just wanted to say what a good job everyone did that night for the fundraiser, and although I didnt win the raffle...I hope my money went to a good cause!
-The Bull