Here is the latest....Air Force Reserve Hurricane Hunters a short time ago discovered that Iris is now an extremely dangerous Category 4 hurricane packing top sustained winds of 140 mph. The eye of Iris is less than 300 miles east of Belize City, Belize, and closing fast. A storm surge of up to 18 feet above normal tide levels is expected tonight near and to the right of where the eye crosses the coast. Torrential rains may trigger flash flooding and mudslides inland. To repeat, Iris is an extremely dangerous hurricane, and all interests along the east coast of northern Central America should take immediate action to protect life and property. Tropical Storm Jerry is plowing westward (on the heels of Iris) and is churning into the eastern Caribbean Sea with heavy downpours and gusty winds. Jerry is forecast to move generally west-northwestward over the next several days and slowly increase in intensity as it spins toward Jamaica