San Pedro artists release music CD
Most Belizeans have a tendency to take on some pretty overwhelming odds, determined to get what they want in life... and our aspiring artists are no exception. Tonight we introduce you to a trio from San Pedro who are getting their feet wet in the local music scene.

Jacqueline Woods, Reporting
David Aguilar, Nestor Rivero, and Alex Noralez are three close friends who decided three years ago to get together and do what they love best...sing. Today, the group which hails from San Pedro, Ambergris Caye is promoting their second album that the young men say is even better than the first.

Alex Noralez, Band member, D.N.A.
”It brought us back together after let’s say like a year that we were apart. One of the reasons is because I work there. But we have trashed that out and now we have much, much better communication. It has gotten us together to work on the new project; we are featuring new artists from the island of course...because I put my kids first because I teach first, then my music. So every time I have break, I dedicate my time to doing music and that’s what we did over the Christmas holidays. We are bringing out Don Julio, Claudia Haylock, and young guy by the name of Young Soldier.”

One of those new and upcoming artist promoted on the compact disc is Don Julio Sosa.

Don Julio Sosa, New D.N.A. Artist
”Actually I don’t have a background as they do, but I like music for a while now. I was used to work at a radio station in the island. For me it is a pleasure, these guys featuring me in their new CD.”

The artists say what makes their performances a hit with audiences from all over the country is that they are a great team who enjoy working together.

David Aguilar, Band Member, D.N.A.
”Well first of all, we have been playing music for about two to three years and we’ve always been together, it’s something that we’ve always liked to do. We actually had a band together and every one went different ways and we’re the only ones that stayed together.”

Nestor Rivero Band member, D.N.A.
”For me, it’s a grand honour to work with my friends. We are brothers, we have been together from as we were little kids we have been in this music and we like it and we’ll stay together.”

Jacqueline Woods for News Five.

D.N.A.'s new release is already on sale on the island, but will be distributed to all major record shops in the city. The album costs fifteen dollars.