Our guests on The Morning Show today were two People's United Party candidates for the San Pedro Town Council. Mayoral candidate Aberto Nunez said that the P.U.P. candidates are not promising things that are not realistic.

Alberto Nunez:

Just what is needed at this moment, what is really need is what we are promising. We are going around to the different subdivisions and then asking the peopel what they would like to see done if we get elected, what they would like to see done in their areas. Some areas claim that they need some drains, they need the streets fixed, to keep the place clean. We need to keep the place clean because San Pedro is tourist destination so we will lose if it is not clean we are losing our industry.

Alberto Nunez, PUP candidate for mayor of San Pedro Town. Council candidate Andre Perez said garbage collection, the condition of streets are matters that need immediate attention. On the issue of crime and security Perez said that there is a need for something positive for youth to be involved in.

Andre Perez:

Several things need to be put in place such as projects that will assist the young people example sports, which is terribly lacking on the island right now. Sports and other different projects that the town council will take the initiative to keep these things for the youths mostly. There are certain areas you go where the kids are in the streets just playing around. There's nothing [for them to do] especially during the summer and I think that's another initiative that the town council can do get these kids and help fight crime with that by preventing it, giving them something to do.

Nunez and Perez said that they would want to give a break on property taxes, and in particular give a ten percent cut in property taxes to people sixty-five years and older. Nunez said the adjustments they are talking about would have little overall effect on town revenue, and would be more than offset by other revenue measures they plan. He said that at present the San Pedro Town Council pnly gets about $67,000 a year from government, and if elected he plans to ask for that to be increased.