GEtting better reports on the damage. Evidently our house damage not as bad as first reported. Trusses are still on the house with 3/4 of the tin off. Seems the tin came off, rested up against the fence and beat it down. Hubert has located it and they are attempting to reattach just to prevent further inside damage. Don't know how that will work because some of the supporting wood is gone and the electric is still off in the village.
Damage reports coming in are as follows. Big Creek Port okay, road workers trailers past fence destroyed, bag factory okay, fertilizer plant okay, Papa's steel building gone, Cardies Restuarant and Hotel: Hotel is fine but top floor where the restuarant was is gone. Our house roof dmage, water tower and radio tower still up. Roof at high school gone, think that Hotel Hello lost its roof and might have had more damage than this. Michael Ascroft stadium destroyed. Appears that the water surge was up and at least knee deep water was reported in Tony's Super Store. Have not had a report on if Stanleys suffered any damage or not. Still waiting for the shrimp industry to report in. Think that the processing plant has suffered some damage but the report is that the farms by waterside and on Placencia Lagoon fared okay.
Evidently the proper people in town where out at 3am doing their damage assessments and lots of effort was put into the problem down at Big Creek with the loss of life.
Not having electricity is the major problem and power lines and poles are down everywhere. But assume that crews will be filtering in shortly to deal with this problem.
Telephone service apparently in some of the homes.
Still no report on the Placencia Airport or if they will be able to use it or Big Creek. Our truck and boat are fine and think that Bob will wait till they have electricity before he heads down. They are doing the best they can under the circumstances.
Just glad that the house held up. The idea was that in a big storm that the tin would go rather than take down the whole top half and evidently that theory worked okay. The family and friends followed our advise and took shelter downstairs in the washouse and general storage room.
We had that discussion with them when we thought Mitch was going to hit. Great concern about the banana hit. Will take at least nine months to a year to get that up and going. Going to be pretty bad situation for a long period of time.

Hoping that you received an okay report from Aaron on the house.
Guess my family's theory that the reef would divert any hurricane did not hold up. LOL.
But it could have been worse with more loss of life so I guess we have to try to find the bright side in the situation.

Should be getting another report either today or for sure tomorrow. Will advise.