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its our lucky day. Reef Ransom speaks #119318
03/17/06 10:35 PM
03/17/06 10:35 PM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP
San Pedro Journal
March, 2006.

February 12, 2006.

San Pedro Moment

The sun is slipping down in the late afternoon sky,
Workers are headed home from a job well done.
He sits in his bamboo rocker watching it go by,
Late in the afternoon he likes to get a little high.
His thoughts and ambitions go down with the sun.

Itís a San Pedro Moment passing him by.
With all the things that come and go,
The questions and the worries seem destined to die.
What happen to the adventure that he used to know.
Itís a San Pedro Moment passing him by.

All the dreams and the plans just melt like Caye lime pie,
While the time keeps on passing like Sardines along the shore.
He feelís the tug of lifeís passion, its gleam is in his eye,
For pride and tradition he gave it his best try.
Now late in the day itís beginning to unfold, do you sense another door?

Itís a San Pedro Moment passing him by.
With all the things that come and go,
The questions and the worries seem destined to die.
What happen to the adventure that he used to know.
Itís a San Pedro Moment passing him by.

Copy Right DAL E HA Publishing 2006

Right Here, mi amigos---Reef Ransom.

February 14, 2006.

While I was in town I stopped and talked with Harry from the Palace Casino
as he passed me on the street. He told me he was changing the Casino to a
Bistro. Harryís Bistro with food served through the night with the full menu
available until 2 a.m. and then just the smaller deli type food after that
like hot dogs, sandwiches and rice and beans. He told me he moved all the
slot and poker machines down to Coconuts Hotel along with his license for
them. I guess all the restrictions imposed by the GOB (government of Belize)
had finally taken their toll. The larger Casinoís didnít want any
competition and they got their wish. I canít imagine the small operation
that Harry ran and ran with dignity and class was much of a threat to the
big boys but I guess greed is greed. When The Palace Casino first opened
here in San Pedro you could plays machines and Blackjack. Harry operated
maybe 30 machines and 3 or 4 card tables. There wasnít much to do in San
Pedro back then late at night and there were no other Casinoís in Belize at
that time either, at least none I knew of. This is just another change that
growth and development has brought us here on the island and one more thing
gone to the file marked ďMemoriesĒ. Thanks for all the fun times Harry and
good luck with the ďBistro.Ē Right Here, mi amigos---Reef Ransom.

February 16, 2006.

I took the trash out tonight about 7 oíclock so the trash guys could pick it
up as they pass by about 5:30 in the morning. The haul an old wagon which
always seems to be heaped full of garbage with an older somewhat muffler
challenged tractor. I got used to hearing the early morning noise as they
pick up on the blocks around me long ago. Then they make their way up my
street and after stopping in front on my house, pass on to gather the other
trash that has been sat out on the streets edge in various types of cans and
containers for them each and every night. Tonight when I walked out into the
street a bug flew up my nose. You know how much fun that isnít? As I snorted
and blew and eventually got it out the feeling that something foreign had
been in my nostril still lingered. Ahh, life in Paradise. Right Here, mi
amigo---Reef Ransom.

Feb. 17, 2006.

It is a Friday and the small island of Ambergris Caye is host to quite a few
guest from many parts of the globe. I guess most of our tourist visitors are
from America and then next I imagine is Canada. The skies overhead down here
by the river cut where I live have been full of daredevilís jumping from an
airplane at about 13,000 feet above our spit of sand that was heaved up just
inside the worlds second largest living barrier reef. Must be a hell of a
view from up there. Sadly, one of the jumpers died yesterday when his chute
failed to open. The rumors as to what happen are varied and so I will not
try to say what really happened as I do not know for sure. He fell outside
of the reef in the blue and his life was over. We all got to go and I must
admit that keeping that in mind I have some envy in that he went doing
something he loved and something that was far from ordinary. If there was no
other ceremony or memorial to his life this would be more than enough. It
takes a lot of internal strength and most times belief in ones self to live
the life that you want rather than the one that may be carved out for you.
By that I mean I think the vast majority of people find themselves doing and
living the things that sort of just came down the road for them or to them.
Not that many really sat down and chose something to do, or a way to live
their life and then went and did that. We just sort of get caught up in the
current of life and with varying degrees we go where it takes us. This
thought ties into San Pedro because the people that come here and fall in
love with here often take the chance and wind up spending precious moments,
days, months and years of their life living here on our small little island.
They have chosen to swim at an angle against that current of life and wade
out of the sea in a different spot than the current would have tossed them.
They have chosen not to be so much floatjam. Thatís what we are here in San
Pedro, not so much floatjam.

The weather today was real nice and the cold and rain of the last few days
has mostly passed on by. We did have a small shower right around sunset but
the day was warm (in the low 80ís) and sunny with a nice steady breeze. I
made several trips to town and the streets are pretty busy as we are in the
peak of the high season for tourism. In town I saw Richie Woods in his usual
spot and I still find myself expecting Paisano to hail me with his stick in
hand, ball cap askew and bum a ride to one end of town or the other. That
doesnít happen anymore and it reminds me that all things are transient.

In general the following things are happening: The bridge over the river is
nearly complete and looks like a real bridge, the Red and the Blue Parties
are out in the streets promising lots of things that politicians promise as
the election approaches on the 1st of March and Heinz 57 pot lickers are
laying lazily in the sun, occasionally yawning and stretching as they roll
to their other side as if working on their tans.

I went to dinner at a new Chinese restaurant in town. It is located where
the Seasons Restaurant had itís short life, above Paulyís Pizza across from
the Five-a-Side court. The food was ok, the price in the middle and I
finished my food and thought I might come again sometime when I was sick of
seafood and rice and beans. I went to the restroom while my check was coming
and nearly lost my dinner. The bathroom smelled like the outhouse on my
Grandpaís farm from when I was a kid and the toilets hadnít been flushed in
a while. The sink had no towels and basically I couldnít get out of there
fast enough. When the bathroom is nasty in a restaurant I always wonder how
and where the chef and waiters wash their hands. I am a bit germ-a-phobic
but I do live in a third world country and have learned to accept certain
things more than I used to. So, for just ok food and service I wonít be
going back there. Maybe it will improve and you may want to be your own
judge. Right Here, mi Amigos---Reef Ransom.

February 19,2006.

Fat, Happy Toes.

I donít wear no shoes,
cause Iím from San Pedro.
My feet they get the blues when I wear dem shoes,
cause Iím from San Pedro.
Iíve got some news,
I donít need no shoes,
cause Iím from San Pedro.
When I put them on my feet something funny happen,
my fat toes want to twist and shout and they start to flapping.
So, I donít wear no shoes,
cause Iím from San Pedro.
When you come to visit youíll get what I say,
Cause when you have to go back home your feets will dread the day.
You donít wear no shoes,
cause your in San Pedro.
We donít wear no shoes,
Cause were in San Pedro.

As always copy write DAL E HA PUBLISHING 2006.

Today we have clear blue sky and sea to match. Canít ask for better weather
than this.

It is the sunset hour here in Paradise. Out over the Caribbean Sea the
clouds have bunched up to make a wall of crimson red as the last sun light
pierces through their thin vale. Down below my veranda the street is full of
life. I watch three rented golf carts pass by all with happy, laughing
tourist all coming back from across the cut to experience whatever adventure
awaits them in town on this Saturday night. Behind this small parade follows
the ice cream vendor ringing his bell letting all the kids, both large and
small know of his approach. Behind him comes the ever useful tricycle cart
which looks to be full of some ones laundry as they pass by too. Add to this
San Pedro parade three dogs roaming and sniffing and two small children
chasing after them and you have the snapshot of life here and how it

The sky was full of parachutes pretty much all day as the group of people
jumping from the sky above continued their fun assault on our air waves. I
think they are getting down to the last couple of days for their now annual
event. It brings lots of tourist dollars to San Pedro and also lots of good
folks. I have to believe it is a good event for out Isla Bonita, I sure have
enjoyed watching them from the safety of my front porch not far from where
they land. To each his or her own challenge and adventure in life. Skydiving
isnít mine, but I have had and done my share of adventurous things and I
pray that there are many more in store for me, and for you too! Right Here,
mi amigos---Reef Ransom.

February 19, 2006.

About 3 years ago, more or less I planted some Orchids. Well, planted isnít
exactly right because Orchids donít grow in soil they attach themselves to
things and grow by taking nutrients from the air and rain. I attached my
collection of Orchids to my Palmento Wood fence and used some light wire to
hold them in place until they grabbed hold on their own. After a few weeks
they sent out small dirty whitish roots and grabbed hold of the wood fence.
They have all grown bigger and survived well ever since. I bought these
Orchids from a local guy named Charlie. Now Charlie is known as a bit of a
scoundrel here but I didnít really know that at the time and besides I
believe on giving everyone an even chance and to judge them only on their
actions with me and not by what other people say. Charlie went into the bush
here on the island and cut these Orchids from the wild and brought them to
me. I paid him $50.00 for about 10 different Orchids. I can only hope he
didnít tief dem from some home or resort. I have waited patiently as I
watched them grow for them to set off the small tubular runner that caries
the unique and mystically beautiful flowers that come in a variety of
colors. Finally last year two of my smaller ones set off and had one white
flower each. I marveled at their beauty and watched and waited for more to
follow. None did. I donĎt know if they donít get enough sun or if they get
to much sun or not enough rain or food or what is the deal. They have grown
quite big on my side fence but those have produced no flowers. On the side
they get very little sun, almost none at all and I have to guess that is why
no flowers? Finally last week I noticed one of my babies had sent out a
chute that was several inches long. Would some pretty flowers follow, I
could only watch and wait to see. Finally one morning I looked and to my
delight I found about ten small, delicate banana yellow colored Orchid
Blooms. I was elated and spent a long time looking at them and how intricate
and well balanced they are. For me it was a monumental day. I held the small
miracles in my hand and bent over to see if they had a scent. To my surprise
they had a very sweet smell, almost like the honeysuckle I remember smelling
as I spent the summers of my boyish youth growing up in Kansas; except more
like an expensive perfume. I go each morning and look at these pretty little
petals and smell them too. I hope some of the other ones will bloom too. The
Black Orchid is the National Flower of Belize and if by chance I have one of
those I will be so happy. The universe unfolds in ways that we arenít meant
to comprehend entirely, Orchids sort of remind me of this and this would be
a special gift from the subtle natural way of the universe if it came.

Today the breeze has picked up a little and the sky is partly cloudy. It
looked and felt like rain earlier this mid morning but nothing has
transpired. The Sky Divers are still jumping so the breeze must be under
whatever they consider safe conditions. I slept late this morning because
the dogs in the neighborhood have gotten out of control again and they
barked all night keeping me up. I love dogs and have had my share but every
dog I ever owned was well mannered and well trained and I would never allow
a dog to control me and or disturb others. Here in San Pedro folks get to
feeling sorry for these animals and they allow them to run wild, tear up the
trash, bark and chase people; locals and tourist alike as they ride by on
bikes or golf carts and of course they leave their mark anywhere and
everywhere. This is a detriment to walking barefoot on the beach for sure.
There is such a big fuss made about save the dogs and I think that is
worthwhile but what about the people and children who need assistance?
Arenít people more important than animals? Just my two cents worth and two
cents is all its worth. You are your own spiritual leader so you make your
own choice. Right Here, mi amigos---Reef Ransom.

February 20. 2006.

The morning brought a light rain that was just enough to wet everything
outside. By 11 it was gone and the sun came out and took charge. I went to
town to buy some things and while I was there I stopped off and had a nice
lunch at Elviís. I had rice and bean with fish fillet. It was oh so nice.
The streets were pretty busy and it looks like lots of visitors are here
enjoying our island paradise. I saw a couple of beautiful Parrots as I
passed by some homes on the back street just down from Super Buy. They
seemed happy enough even though they were not in their natural environment.
I think that Parrots can actually be happy when they have a relationship
with a human being. I have seen some that seem to be anyway and they exhibit
an almost human personality. In some cases it may be better than some humans

I was thinking about the near complete bridge that will carry the traffic
over the river cut from the Town side of the river to the North side of
same. It is built large enough and strong enough to carry vehicle traffic
but we are told it will only be used for foot, bicycle and golf cart
traffic. Now lets think about this. The bridge was financed by Barry Bowen.
Mr. Bowen is a fine man and has done lots of good for San Pedro and Belize.
He owns the Beer, Water and Coca Cola distributors and/or manufacturing
plants for same. His company also distributes other items in San Pedro and
Belize. Again, he is a fine man but let us consider the obvious. A man who
sells beer, water and pop has stepped in and made it possible for a bridge
to be built that connects one part of the island with another part
previously inaccessible to trucks and tractors pulling trailers. The beer,
water and pop are delivered either by truck or tractor pulled trailer in
town. Are we supposed to believe that no vehicle traffic will be allowed to
use the bridge to cross to the other side? I think 2 + 2 equals a six pack
of Belikin Beer, no matter how you add it up. Not long after you see a John
Deere Tractor pulling a trailer delivering Belikin on the North side of the
cut I think you will also see a taxi van. Granted the road across the bridge
to the North is terrible and needs improved but then so do a lot of the
roads in and around town and both trucks, tractors and taxiís use them. It
may be awhile but I think you will see and have the needed convenience of
delivery vehicles and taxiís across the cut. Of course this is just my
personal observation and opinion and time will tell if it is true. To go
even further out on the proverbial limb I think the North part of Ambergris
Caye will (and should) become much like Cancun in the way it is developed. I
think we will see large, multi storied resorts up North and the people
visiting Ambergris Caye will have the choice of staying in the ďOld TownĒ
with all its charm and history or in the ultra modern Resorts with all the
amenities and glitz. Here in town I understand and support the argument
about nothing over three storiesí because of the existing buildings and
homeís that these larger buildings would keep the sun and breeze from
reaching, not to mention the lost vista. But up North there is room. If you
stay up North you can come visit Old San Pedro or if you stay in San Pedro
you can go up North to visit the grand resorts or to do it up right in the
night visiting discoís and the like. I realize some who bought property up
North expecting to have a quiet getaway may not like to hear this and of
course I could be way wrong too. Its just my opinion again and its worth
about a Schilling. Right Here, mi amigos---Reef Ransom.

February 21, 2006.

What was a sunny day changed around 4:00 this afternoon when the sky
overhead filled with clouds. The breeze picked up and has been steady from
off the sea. The foamy lip running along the barrier reef appears to have
had a shot of Botox as the waves outside the reef in the blue have swelled
up and are crashing on the reef leaving all their spent energy in the white
foamy residue they create. You can hear the sound of these spent waves as
they grace the universe with their last dance steps upon the jagged line of
coral. The air is pleasant and cool. The breeze tickles your skin and if you
just relax and let it envelope you it will carry you off to a special place
where everything seems to be perfectly in order. The only question then is,
is this special place outside of you or inside of you. If you feel it you
know the answer. Right Here, mi amigos---Reef Ransom.

February 22, 2006.

The Mennonite farmers are making their way up and down the streets of San
Pedro. They are pushing their tricycle cart full of watermelon as they stop
at all the stores and sell nice watermelons they have grown on the mainland
farms. I bought a small ten pound one and paid $6.50/Bze for it. That of
course is $3.25/U.S.

The sun has been out all day and the breeze is steady once again. Inside the
reef the breeze is making the sea a little choppy. Outside the reef the
waves look quite large as they smash against natures fence we call the
Barrier Reef.

Met an older couple today from Florida. They are on their third visit here
and they told me they come back because they have made so many friends with
the Belizean people. The husband told me one lady they knew had become like
a daughter to his wife. Thatís the reason folks. Thatís why people come here
again and again. Sure it is a beautiful place but there are lots of
beautiful places in the world. Beautiful people, kind, honest and friendly
people are our true natural treasure in Belize. Rarely, people come down
here and donít really like it. I canít be sure but I bet those folks who
donít like Belize; donít know how to be nice and make friends because if you
do you will not be able to leave here after one week without having made
friends with someone who you will continue to be in touch with all your
life. The Belizean way of life. Embrace it and it will embrace you. Right
Here, mi amigos---Reef Ransom.

February 24, 2006.

When life is reduced to its essence, we exist in darkness and light.
Because I am aware of this, I may choose which one I shall embrace.
I choose to live in the light and to forsake the darkness.
And you, how do you choose to live your life?
The choice is there for each of us to make.
Yes it sounds to simple, and it is.

Right Here, mi amigos---Reef Ransom.

February 26, 2006.

The morning has brought lots of sun and a very light breeze to us. The
Official Bridge Inauguration tool place last night. I believe by the number
of cars, taxiís, golf carts bicycles and just plain people that were there
that it had to be almost every person on the island attending. The vehicles
were parked on both sides of the street clear back to Tony Browns house
which is a good block and a half South of the bridge. The Politicians got
all puffed up and took credit for the project and told us all how great they
were and how much more they would do for us if we just voted for them again.
It really was quite a spectacle the likes of which I have never seen here in
San Pedro. Since I live right by the bridge more or less, I got to take it
all in from my front porch. The bridge really is quite a feat and it will
serve to foster more growth on our fair island, like it or not. Right Here,
mi amigos---Reef Ransom.

Ransom Notes:

My water bill last month for 3,287 gallons was $86.73/Bze for those who
might wonder about such things.

Thanks to the good souls who have emailed me or ask about me while I have
been incognito. You are my inspiration for this issue of the SPJ and I thank
you all for your kind words and thoughts! I have been well and I still write
the Journal just havenít published it for a while. Donít like being boxed in
by a definition or expectations.

Lobster Season ended on February 14, 2006. No tail till next fall.

Mid February and the mosquitoís are bad.

San Pedro is:

A place where you can wear goofy hats that you would never be caught dead in
anywhere else.

A great melting pot of people and cultures where all are accepted.

Where you can buy just one stick of margarine or one egg at the store.

A place where after living for several months or just by coming to visit for
a couple of weeks you can instantly become an expert on everything that goes
on here and spend all your time sharing your knowledge on the internet with
others who think you really are an expert on Belize.

Lost Treasure:

The mangrove that has been chopped, dredged and filled to make more precious
land all for the sake of the all mighty dollar.

Rick the Piano Player whose talent was always suspect but whose ability to
entertain after consuming lots of rum and coke never was; circa 1980ís; San

As always the San Pedro Journal isnít meant to be a source of news and may
contain some inaccuracies. It is just one mans view of life in San Pedro.
The San Pedro Journal is Published by DAL E HA Publishing, San Pedro,
Belize, Central America. All rights reserved. To contact someone about this
or other items published by DAL E HA Publishing you may email to:
[email protected] Our apologies for any misspellings or grammar

Re: its our lucky day. Reef Ransom speaks #119319
03/17/06 11:24 PM
03/17/06 11:24 PM

Thanks, Reef! No body does it like you!

Re: its our lucky day. Reef Ransom speaks #119320
03/18/06 06:11 AM
03/18/06 06:11 AM
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Now Danny Offline
Now Danny  Offline
Good journal entry Reef, thanks for letting us see through your eyes.

Re: its our lucky day. Reef Ransom speaks #119321
03/18/06 09:28 AM
03/18/06 09:28 AM
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windyw Offline
windyw  Offline
Thank you. I enjoy reading your writings very much. It is my lucky day!!

Re: its our lucky day. Reef Ransom speaks #119322
03/23/06 06:40 PM
03/23/06 06:40 PM
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klcman Offline
klcman  Offline
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....verbiage for the soul.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _________________ _ _ _ _ _ _
But then what do I know, I am but a mere caveman
Re: its our lucky day. Reef Ransom speaks #119323
03/24/06 05:27 AM
03/24/06 05:27 AM
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J DOG Offline
J DOG  Offline
Thanks Reef for bringing some warmth & sunshine into a dreary cold day here in Ohio.

Re: its our lucky day. Reef Ransom speaks #119324
03/24/06 05:47 AM
03/24/06 05:47 AM
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dbdoberman Offline
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so good to see the Journal back. "San Pedro Moment" would be fitting for both Paisano and Barefoot Skinny, don't you think?

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