Script for Belizean Film “AGADA” Completed

Xanthe Films, LLC Announces Preproduction Update for Garifuna language film “AGADA” with Donna Coe, Michael Noralez and Gwen Nunez Gonzalez.

(Chicago, March 14, 2006) -- Independent film producer and CEO of Xanthe Films, Edwin Colon, and screenwriter Dr. Ludwig Palacio announce the completion of the script for the comedy/melodrama feature “AGADA”. The effort has received the support of a close knit of relatives, including Dr. Ludwig Palacio’s wife Curlette, Jerry Enriquez, Sharon Palacio, Dr. Joseph Palacio, Elijah Palacio, Ellis Arzu, Jr., Stanley Nicholas, and Felene Cayetano. Prospective actors include Donna Coe, Michael Noralez, and Gwen Nunez Gonzalez.

Based on a story from Dr. Ludwig Palacio’s book “Sugarosi”, the screenplay took nine months to complete. The finalization and copyright took place recently in Chicago, where Xanthe Films is currently headquartered. A prominent film attorney, Mr. Robert Preskill, was hired as legal counsel to register the script with the United States Library of Congress. Edwin Colon will register the script with the Writers Guild of America (WGA) in California. To facilitate the historic completion of the script, Dr. Ludwig Palacio and Curlette travelled from Punta Gorda, Belize to Chicago at the beginning of March, 2006. While there, they and Edwin Colon dialogued with prospective financiers and industry professionals. Keith Holland, a Hollywood based cinematographer, provided feedback on shooting the film. The working team now includes Edwin Colon as producer and Dr. and Mrs. Ludwig Palacio as screenwriters.

Among the several firsts that AGADA is introducing is being primarily a Garifuna language feature with subtitles in English and Spanish. It is based on true events about a tall, pretty, gracious, strong and assertive woman, who succeeds in captivating her home town in profound shock. A butcher, and mother of four children by different men, she is accused of stealing (which in those days, was an unspeakable crime and punishable to the full extent of the Colonial law) by her Jamaican neighbor, who wants to see the full punishment imposed. With the talk and support of the entire town, Agada is taken to court and defends herself in a mysterious manner of conduct that leaves the citizens of Peini (Punta Gorda) puzzled unto this present day.

Auditions for the film are still open and Belizeans are encouraged to apply for a role in this historic and unprecedented feature that will be shot entirely in Southern Belize with Belizean actors and crew. A list of available roles is posted on the website for Xanthe Films.

Principal photography for AGADA is slated to begin in late May through summer 2006, and the entire film will be shot in Punta Gorda Town, Belize. The film is set for theatrical release in the winter of 2007 and the onscreen dialogue will be mainly the traditional Garifuna language. The project has already generated interest from major television networks and production companies including Hollywood-based Lucine Entertainment and the African Broadcasting Network that is a premium channel on The Dish Network.

Two independent films by Edwin Colon and Xanthe Films are THE COURTROOM (2003) and GARIFUNA PRIDE: THE LEGACY (2004).

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