Belize defeats Mexico in C.A. Cricket championships
Good evening, Iím James Adderley and we welcome you to this fresh serving of sports Monday. Week five in the RFG Trophy Tournament found F.C. Belize of the Metropolis inside the Isidoro Beaton Stadium Saturday night against Belmopan United.

And itís the home team looking for the early lead off this spotkick from Derys Benavides, but itís directed straight into the arms of goalkeeper Elroy Rawley.

The home team keeps up the pressure with good ball movement, but Lincoln Wiltshire botches the finish with this high riser from point-blank range people.

In the meantime, weíve got to ask Lincoln Wiltshire, hey whatís up? Fortunately for him, F.C.ís Ian Henry metes out an unconditional pardon for that big mistake.

Now keep your eyes on this set piece from Belmopan. Derys Benavides steps up on this spotkick just on top the eighteen and itís a thing of perfection as the host team takes a 1-zip lead thirty-five minutes in.

So we go to second half and its F.C. Belize looking for the tie off this monster blast from Jeremy Jones--but it inches over the crossbar.

Folks that F.C. Belize does not score on this press is nothing short of bewildering, but youíre seeing it with your own eyes.

Meanwhile, at the other end F.C. Belize dodges a bullet when number four Dale Pelayo heads this ball straight into the arms of goalkeeper Rawley.

Itís getting late and again F.C. Belize has the opportunity to tie this ballgame. Thedran Reid fires a wicked shot, but it seems today is not the city teamís day.

Itís more F.C. Belize as Jeremy Jones almost scores except for the timely intervention of the Belmopan goalkeeper and Reid canít handle the rebound.

The Capital City crew hangs on to the 1-zip big W in regulation time.

The other results from around the league, Benque Viejo United jolted New Site Erei in a 3-2 in a shocker, Placencia Pirates doubled Wagiya 2-1, Hankook Verdes and Kremandala Penta struggled to a 1-1 tie, while Cayo Avengers and Alpha also battled to a 1-1 stale mate.

Looking to week five, Hankook Verdes will host Alpha on Saturday. On Sunday Belmopan United Travels to the Placencia Pirates, New Site Erie and Wagiya will face each other as both teams try to rebound inside the Carl Ramos Stadium, Cayo Avengers play host to Benque Viejo United, and F.C. Belize takes on Kremandala Penta at the M.C.C. Grounds.

In cycling news the Acros National Road Championship is set for this Sunday March twenty-sixth in a monster package that features competition in the elite, junior and female classes. Hey folks this is a biggie you wonít want to miss it.

Turning to news from the Commonwealth Games at Australia, Tricia Flores and Jason Jones were eliminated in the first heat in the female and male one hundred metres respectively. Kay de Vaughan remains questionable for tomorrow triple jump event, because of a damaged tendon.

The Time Trials in cycling featuring Roger Troyer, Mateo Cruz, Gregory Lovell, and Ian Smith is also scheduled for tomorrow, while the road race in cycling comes up on the twenty-fifth March. On the twenty-second, Emma Wade and Jason Jones appear in the two hundred metres, female and male class of course, and Tricia Flores competes in the long jump.

Turning to the semi-pro basketball news, The San Pedro Eagles flew past Northern Uprising 79-66 and the Belize Bank Bulldogs ran past the Sugar City Eagles 86-78.

In cricket news, the Belize National Cricket Team got off to a roaring start in the Central American Cricket Championships featuring Belize, Mexico, and Costa Rica, by overwhelming Costa Rica in a 341-55 final score on Saturday. Elden Wade came up big with a massive 96 runs, while Tradert Perrera he mowed down three wickets for the Belize team. For Costa Rica, Tim Baker was high man with 14 runs scored. Michael Pert, he came up with two wickets for the visitors. Belize plays Mexico today, and of course weíll keep you posted.

Hey folks, thatís our show for today we invite you back same time, same place, next week. Jah over all Iím James Adderley.

And in that final match between Belize and Mexico we are happy to report that Belize came out on top 176 runs to 89 and won the tournament undefeated.