San Pedro bar owner is latest lotto winner

For the second time in as many wins, a resident of Ambergris Caye is the latest Lotto winner. Lucilo Guerrero owns the Barrel Bar in San Pedro town and told us today that his lucky numbers: eight, ten, twelve, fifteen, and seventeen are the ages of his wife's younger relatives. Guerrero realized he had won on Tuesday and this morning walked into the offices to claim his prize of sixty-five thousand dollars. After taxes, he will take home fifty-five thousand two hundred and fifty dollars ... money Guerrero says is easy come, easy go.

Lucilo Guerrero, Lotto Winner
“That’s not much money. That spend in a week you know ...”

Alfonso Noble, 7 News
“You wah spend all da money inna wah week?”

Lucilo Guerrero
“No, It could be spent so that richer people get poor inna one day.”

Janelle Chanona, Reporting
“How did you get your numbers?”

Lucilo Guerrero
“Me and my girl just put it together all from my sister-in-law’s them kids, put it together like that.”

Janelle Chanona
“You think you will be a celebrity in San Pedro now?”

Lucilo Guerrero
“Oh definitely, definitely. Well I celebrate even if I noh win, so it will be the same for me.”

Guerrero says he will use some of the money to settle his debts and will put the rest in the bank until he decides how he wants to spend it.