(Peter was asked about prices of a few things in Corozal, and here is his response)

For the price of a Chain saw I can have a crew of Mayan Villages from
Northern Belize go down there and clean everything up.

I also have a sail boat and a small tow barge that goes with it. Can haul 5
tons of supplies down from Northern Belize -- or stop and pick up at Belize

Though it would take us 3 days to get down there -- I probably can do one
trip per day for five tons to Belize City there after.

I can also source anything you need at good price.

Maybe you can get a few of your neighbors together?

Last year I supplies 40 men plus all supplies for the rebuilding of Cayo
Espanto in this manner. Laborers and Carpenters.

They work for $40 Belize per day. Jeff gave them a 20% "bonus" after the
job simply because he was so amazed at what got done so fast. That included
moving a lot of sand from one side back to the other -- all by wheel barrow.

We built a stick and tarpaulin "camp" and Jeff supplied all water and
foods. Mostly rice and beans with some chicken.

That also included a camp cook and two helpers (40 men!!)

I charter my boat and barge for $1500 Belize per week. That would be 7
loads per week (probably) -- of five tons per load -- or 35 tons per week.

We can haul everything from cement, blocks, stone, aggregate, lumber,
water, food --etc -- etc.

Again -- probably a lot more than you personally need -- but if you guys
could cooperate among yourselves (rare here in Belize among "expats") it
would work out real well for all.

Let me know.

And Marty -- you can pass this along to any others that might be interested.

Peter Singfield
Xaibe Village
Corozal District