Want you to RUN

There are 23 of these Children of Liberty. (There will be 80 of them before the end of the year.) Collectively, they have been abused, abandoned, orphaned or disabled in their past.

They all live happily now at Liberty Foundation Children's Center in Ladyville and they want you to run for them.

It will cost you $16 ($8 US) to run for them. On Sunday 2nd July there will be a 10 kilometer (6 mile), and a 5 kilometer (3 mile) sponsored run in Belize City, starting at the Animal Park in front of the Baron Bliss Lighthouse.

For your $16 you will get a Liberty Foundation t-shirt and refreshments at the end of the run.

And, also, for your money the Children of Liberty will continue to get the food, the clothes, the education and the Tender Loving Care they so badly need.

We pray that none of your children will ever be orphaned, abandoned, abused or ever need the services of the Children's Center.

If you are too busy or too tired to run you can participate by sending $16 (or more, please) to Liberty Foundation at P O Box 2280, Belize City, Belize.

Emory King