Good evening. I’m James Adderley and you’re absolutely welcome to this version of what we call Sports Monday. And we were certainly felt privileged to be inside the Carl Ramos Stadium in Dangriga yesterday where New Site Erei played host to Hankook Verdes of Cayo, in game one of the R.F.G. Trophy Tournament two game championship series.

The fans came with high expectations so let’s see what they got on a Griga pitch soaked by overnight rains.

It’s the visitor who looks to strike first off this long distance grounder, but Woodrow West gets a handle. New Site responds with excitement engineered by Lennox Castillo but the scoreboard remain unimpressed. For the visitors is back to the long distance offering courtesy of Richard Jimenez, but its manageable.

In the meantime Lennox “Criminal” Castillo gets another shot at goal off this spot kick, but he can’t keep the header down. At the other end the Richard Jimenez launches his next shot at goal, and this time from close range only to see West intervene successfully.

Marlon Mesa then sets table for the cutting Jimenez who fires off this right foot that inches over the crossbar. And we got a scoreless first half.

We’re in early second half people when Norman “Tilliman” Nunez almost belts this spot kick into the net, almost being the operative word of course.

Ryan Simpson keeps up the New Site pressure with this individual effort that sees the right foot grounder scream past the goal mouth.

Keep your eyes on this play; ten minutes in to the latter half, when Elroy Kuylen beats Earl Peters to the ball inside the danger zone, the veteran takes him down and the referee rules penalty.

It’s Kuylen who steps up to take it himself and it’s a good one as New Site Erei takes the 1-zip lead.

And indeed folks this miss by Lennox Castillo can only be considered, well criminal.

Meanwhile, Lady Luck smiles on Woodrow West when he does just enough to maintain the score line under this assault.

New Site comes right back with this set piece that sees Elroy Smith fire this bomb that brings the best out of Jamie Brooks and at the same time almost takes him out of the game. Of course he will survive.

It’s more New Site on this press, and after beating the keeper Darwin Castillo and Lloyd Nunez fails to double the lead. The 1-zip score holds up to regulation whistle as New Site Ereis game one of this play-off 1-zip.

Game two comes up at the Norman Broaster Stadium this Sunday, June eleventh. The question is: is a one goal lead in this two game series good enough? Hey we will find out on Sunday.

Meanwhile folks we just want to tell you very quickly that the award from this tournament has been issued out by the Belize Premier Football League. Norman Piperburgh also knows as “Tilliman” is M.V.P. and he has also scored the most goals. Stephen Lopez of the Placencia Pirates was deemed the best goalkeeper. Elroy Smith of New Site Erei best defender, Norman “Tilliman” Pipersburgh best midfielder, and Lennox Castillo also of New Site best forward. Best Coach, Palmero Salas and of course Best Manager is Lionel Welch of F.C. Belize. We say congratulations to one and all.

In the meantime, New Site Erie is the next qualifier for CONCACAF football play which comes up in the month of August. And we will keep you posted.

Turning to the Triathlon scene, the B.T.A. presented its first edition of the Annual Corporate Challenge at Sand Lighters Promenade right here in Belize City yesterday. This event features a swim of thirty-two miles, twelve miles of biking and three miles of running.

That is what is being told to these swimmers who are about to kick off the first leg. And they’re off challenging a very calm Caribbean Sea.

Master Champion Jim Scott takes the lead but he is tagged by Amy Johnson of Caye Bank.

Jim Scott competing in an individual class, in a show of machismo forces Amy Johnson into second place. However, it’s Perry Gibson, Amy’s Caye Bank partner whose is off on the bicycle first.

Former Lion Man Champ, Kenroy “Smoke” Gladden had his problems in the wake but recovered quite nicely.

And we say hats off to Edward Schlonka who competes in the individual class today.

Again folks it’s Jim Scott taking the cycle ride and with a slight adjustment to his gear, he is off on foot.

Perry Gidbson comes in next to tags his team mate Diana Rosito, who commences to keep her part of the bargain.

In the meantime, we’ve got to show you, Beep Philips, in this competition people. Yes, as you can see he is under heavy manners. And we say congratulations to Jim Scott as you see here he wins the individual class in this event. He beat out Kenroy “Smoke” Gladden and Lilandro Blu in that order. We certainly say congratulations.

Jim Scott, Winner of Individual Class
“I train mostly in fresh water so when I am in the salt water I have a better feeling because I am more buoyant in the salt water. So I enjoy that feeling, especially when it is calm like this. It just feels so good.”

James Adderley
“Speaking of the swim that might have been a machismo moment, when that girl crept up on you at the finish.”

Jim Scott
“That’s Amy Johnson. She is a Peace Corp with the Y.W.C.A. She has finished behind me two times in a row. So I think, in cycling and swimming you can draft so I think it was her strategy to draft behind me and enjoy that, then try to sprint last minute.”

James Adderley
“And then on the bike?”

Jim Scott
“Well on the bike I didn’t really have anybody I could have rode with at the pace that I normally keep so I just gawn.”

Now meet the winning corporate team.

Amy Johnson, Swimmer
“Well I think Jim was swimming a little bit wide and I was trying to keep close to the poles so I didn’t have to make up too much time coming back in. But I was lucky that the water was nice and calm this morning because it made it a lot easier.”

James Adderley
“You are making it a habit to finish second to Jim.”

Amy Johnson
“No, I need to change that. I am thinking of ways to slow him down.”

Perry Gibson, Biker
“Having Amy finish out of the water in second position, I got on the bike ahead of Jim. But he caught me just after the turn around and after that I just tried to keep pace as to not lose ground on him, but he was just too good.”

Diana Rosito, Runner
“Well it was my first triathlon. And I just said that when Perry comes and passes that I have to keep my pace and do my best. And that’s what I did.”

Belize Bank finishes second. While Home Protector Life pulled up third.

In Cricket news, Excellence of Double Head Cabbage bombed Burlan of Bermudian Landing 360 runs to 135 paced by 127 runs from Percival Flowers, that’s the first century mark of the season. We say big time congratulations to Percival Flowers.

In Guiness 8 ball news we salute Ian Glory of Corozal, Joseph Jaobs of Orange Walk, Allan McKoy of Belize City, Mr. Luna of Cayo, Tony Zabaneh Jr. of Dangriga, Isaac Ranguy of Punta Gorda and the Federation President is Mike Estephan Sr. Stay tuned for this national tournament.

In cycling news, the Father’s Day Cycling Classic is set for Sunday, June eighteenth, and it’s a biggie being sponsored by FM 2000 Radio.

Finally on the basketball scene, Belize continues it’s for Central Basket play which gets off from July fourth, to July eighth inside Panama by facing El Salvador in a two game series which began Saturday night at the City Centre.

Our first bucket comes courtesy of Leboice Gladden and he gets three the hard way on this press.

Roger Troyer then rises up for three; he gets it. He would finish with nineteen game points.

Gladden comes back to hit a three with a defender in his face and at the end of the first quarter Belize is up 24-17. In the second quarter, Troyer stays hot as he benefits from a Salvador turn-over.

Darwin Carter then gets from long range. At the end of the half the scoreboard shows Belize 50- El Salvador 37.

In the third quarter the Salvadorians make a run. Amil Bukele rises up for two.

Oscar Rivera pulls up for three; he would lead his team with twenty-two points. When Salvador Bandeh, who would finish with thirteen points, sinks this triple. The score stands at 63-58 in favour of Belize.

In the fourth quarter play, Darwin Carter sets the alley up for Leboice Gladden and he it two of this high twenty-four points. Darwin Carter then gets three points the old fashioned way. He would strike for nineteen points.

Stephen Williams, who had a good game, pulls out a big three pointer in the fourth quarter; he would throw up eighteen points, but right here he gives Belize a five point edge.

Time is running out and Belize has a three point lead when the visitors find Carlos Luis Alas and he sinks the tre that forces overtime.

In overtime play Stephen Williams comes up with this monster three and Darwin Carter seals the deal with this shot as Belize goes on to post the 98-92 victory in overtime. And now Team Belize is headed to El Salvador for tomorrow’s night’s game which they cannot lose by more than six points if they’re to advance to Central Basket. All we can say is go deh strong!