The Chamber will be upgrading some of the existing concrete planters along Front Street and the connecting streets to the beach this weekend. President Tom Vidrine has purchased 10 palm trees and soil to start the job. A survey of all the planters originally installed by the Chamber has been carried out by Peace Corps Volunteers Brian and Stacey Lang, who report that 16 of the remaining 32 planters are completely empty and a few of the remaining palms are in poor shape and should probably be replaced. This project will take place this Sunday. Tom has donated the use of his tractors and tools. His workers along with a professional landscaper and the Peace Corps volunteers will be meeting at Tomís house on Sunday morning. All volunteers are welcome.

In addition to fixing the existing plantings, the Chamber is looking into adding more planters around town and solicited the advice of Mr. Kevin Gonzales for this future project. Kevin suggested using larger readymade concrete planters and painting them to be more attractive. Kevin suggested that each planter be at least 3-1/2 to 4 feet wide and include both Royal Palms and low plants underneath. He stressed durability as a primary design concern, given the likelihood of vehicles bumping into them when trying to park. Kevin predicted that some may object to this type of planter due to the added difficulty they may present for parking. This will surely be considered when deciding on the final design and location of the future planters.

Presently Tom has started the process of building the 12 wooden planters to be used alongside the Boca Del Rio Bridge. Present plans are to have three planters on the sides of the bridge on both the North and South sides. Four palm trees, four bougainvilleas, and four flowering shrubs will be planted. Dirt will arrive Sunday for both the town re-planting project and the bridge project.