Janice lost two cabanas. Three remaining cabanas are repairable. She lost the roof to her house, but she said that too is repairable. There was some damage to the bar, the area where the band would set up and play, but most of the liquor inside is fine. She said that the gift shop looks fine from the outside, but as of last night she had not opened it up to see how bad the water damage might be. She either did not say anything about the building with the three rooms or my grandmother forgot what she said about them. She also lost the two sheds she had behind her house and her mango trees. I did not speak to her when she called, I was at work, but my grandmother said that she was in good spirits and made a point of saying that she was getting three squares a day from the community kitchen set up in the village. She had already begun the repairs to the roof of her house. She called on her cell phone. Her battery had not been charged before the storm so her friend, Ann Marie, brought her a battery yesterday. It was good to hear from her. Trina, I hope you can find out more info about your friends at Seaspray. Thanks for being concerned. Nobody up here in the States is asking me about how my family fared because the news coverage of the storm is non-existent. I've gotten all my info from this forum and from emails from friends. It's really frustrating, you know. A big thanks out to everyone who's posted any kind of information. You've all been a great help and means of support.