Had the longest conversation with my Mum tonight since last Monday (at 3 pm just as she was leaving).
Best guesstimate on phone & water is 8 weeks. BEL is saying 2 weeks, but maybe longer for electric, lots of conflicting word on electric.

The Space Monkey is almost ready to open, they've got the generator fixed. Olga's is open with limited hours, Placencia Grocery is open also with limited hours.

Places for folks to stay ... Roberts Grove told Mum today (her house is shifting, so she's looking for somewhere to live) they'll be ready for guests in 2 weeks. Serenity & Rum Point have rooms now, but those rooms are occupied by relief workers at the moment. (reading from my hurridly written notes, please excuse me) ... Coconut Grove has two cabanas out on the caye but the rest are gone.

Seaspray, Norm told Mum today that they'll be ready by Christmas.

She talked to Peter & Marcia, part of the roof on Mariposa was damaged, but the two guest suites had flood damage. So Mariposa's status is unknown at the moment.

Again, if anyone wants to leave a message to get word to someone in the village, Mary Toy's voice mail is working, 011-501-62-3243