TACA Introduces Express Check-In To Reduce Airport Line-Ups

Flying to other countries from Costa Rica on TACA airlines
will be much easier, the company said as it announced its
new service "Express Check- In", as customers with
electronic tickets can now check in by way of the Internet
at any time up to three hours before the flight.

The company's website www.taca.com will allow customers to
enter their personal information and check in, greatly
reducing the time spent at the airport counter.

The new service will allow any Taca customer with a
computer, an Internet connection and a printer to check in
and print out a boarding pass which is then presented at
the airport counter.

Customers can choose their seat preference - isle or
window, front or back of the aircraft - and can do so for
up to 8 other passengers on the same reservation code.

The Express Check-In began on July 1 and TACA officials
expect that 10% to 15% of its 3.5 million customers a year
will use the new service and it expects its use to grow
with time.

Carlos Molina, director of services at TACA, said that the
new service, which he qualified as new to the market, will,
among many things, reduce the check-in lines at the airport
counters and reduce the lead time passengers need at the

Currently, airlines recommend arriving at the airport up to
3 hours ahead of the flight, which most of the time is
spending in line waiting to check-in and getting a boarding
pass. The new service will allow passengers using the
Express Check-In to arrive only one hour before the flight.

"Express Check-In is an alternative for our customers to
check in by way of the Internet in the comfort of their
home or office. They can print out a boarding pass and if
they have no luggage to check in; passengers can by-pass
the check-in counter completely and go directly to the
boarding gate. In most airports, passengers can go to a
special counter where they can check-in their luggage and
facilitate the 'airport' process", explained Molina who
added that the service is available to all customers and
all flights that the airlines operates.