Hey everyone,

First-time writer, long-time fan. My friend MaryBeth and I traveled to Placencia in November for the first time. We honestly had no intention of visiting, nor had we even heard of the sleepy-fishing-village, turned inviting-albeit-unspoiled tourist enticement. Ironically, it was the unwelcomed gusts of "Keith" (Sept. 00) that blew us south (away from AC) for our holiday. Having our hearts set on shark-nuzzling at Hol Chan and Belikin-swilling at Fido's we reluctantly accepted the change of venue. Although we spent only 3 short days in Placencia, it was long enough to fall in love with the unassuming village and unpretentious villagers. We returned in February for a much lengthier stay and have (we feel) forged some indefinite friendships. We, too are horrified by the devastation Ms. Iris levied on our recent hosts and will be making a monetary contribution shortly. We also plan to send care packages to some of our suddenly-unfortunate pals.

We would appreciate any information that you could provide regarding the following villagers and their places of employment or businesses:

Graham Berrie- Serenity Resort
Elva- Serenity Resort
Geoffrey Westby- Westwind Hotel
Lenka- Manatee Inn
Slavek- Manatee Inn
Vance Cabral- Advanced Diving
Shannon- Cozy Corner
Emmerson (of Independence)- Charlie Leslie
Junior Leslie- Natural Mystic
Rene (Dido) Leslie- Natural Mystic
Russell (Tiger) Leslie- Ocean Motion
Salva- Tipsy Tuna

LOL to our Placencian friends. We're planning a return trip in the Spring to visit and stimulate the economy. Oh yeah, and slurp a couple of Panty Shredders (OJ & Coco Rum) at Salva's.

Thanks for any info. Marty, you rock.

The 2 Marys

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