We went to the registration today and met Francis and Vernon and a couple of others.

They are all lovely people.

Thanks to the origional post of her letter on the message board, I have networked on the internet and got people from all over Canada and USA who want to help by sending school supplies. I am trying to get a couple of teachers involved with the idea they can get their students in on it as a project to learn about Belize.

I also have an offer from a computer guy in california who would sell refurb computers for is cost of $40-$80 17" moniter included but the trouble there is the shipping. If anyone has any good ideas about how to tacke that please let me know.

Francis and Vernon also said to think beyong just school suplies to things like first aid kits, bandaids, kleenex, toipcal ointments,childrens vitamins as all that stuff is much cheaper stateside.

Vernon also mentioned things like electrical outlets as cost can be .79 cents stateside vs $10 here. I gues light switches could be included there too.

Just a few ideas for people visiting that want to bring some donations.

Also any school items chalk, crayons, color pencils, pencils, erasers, notebooks, paper, glue sticks, stickers, craft stuff, you name it they need it.

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