I hope this finds you all having a great Summer~

It's that time of year again for our
5 day "Marine first responder" course being offered here on Ambergris Caye, September 18-22 at "El Pescador", located 2.5 miles North of the cut.

Our "Intro to cave search & rescue" course is offered at Sibun lodge the following week the 24-28 September. ( also, see attached for information )

These 2 courses are the best way to get started in the rescue /response field here in Belize, and are required courses to become a BDARRT member here in Belize.

We always need people to be a part of our response team, so sign up now! re-certifications will be issued as necessary.

Dr.Keith Brown & Bruce Hagen will be the primary instructors.

Hope to see you all at the classes...Space is limited at both rotations, so be sure to confirm your spot with us as soon as possible.

Please review attached information, and feel free to email, or call with any questions..

Respectfully yours,

Corinne Docter

International Service Administrator
Global Medical Rescue Services ltd.
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Belize, Central America
Intro to Cave and Wilderness Rescue

This 5-day and 5 night course will challenge and thrill you while learning rescue skills in the depths of the jungles of Central America. Based out of Ian Anderson’s Caves Branch Jungle Lodge and the Sibun Training Lodge, participants will spend each day learning and training in the caves, rivers, jungles and underground rivers that surround the lodge. Designed by Bruce Hagen for the jungle and cave guides of Belize, the focus is on providing rescue in the caves and wilderness with a minimum of equipment and resources. Participants will train with local Belizean jungle guides from Caves Branch and other districts of Belize.

Your primary instructor will be Bruce Hagen, a caver, rescue instructor and paramedic from California who designed and has taught this course since 1996. No prior caving or rescue skills are necessary to participate in this Level 1 course. Upon successful completion of the course the participant will be well versed in the equipment, knots, rigging, anchors and anchor systems, hauling and lowering systems, mechanical advantage, rappelling, SRT, litter management, patient packaging, incident management and many other skills and techniques necessary for rescue in a remote or challenging environment. Because of the remote nature of this course there is a strong emphasis on improvisational skills and ‘making do’.

The training will include several scenarios in the rivers, jungles and caves of Belize. Scenarios will include rescues in the jungle; cave passages, river caves, underground waterfalls and deep underground pits. The last scenario is a full day and evening exercise, often requiring 16-20 hours to complete. The skills learned in this course are applicable to any wilderness setting and are not just specific to caves.

Each day will begin with a hearty breakfast, followed by lecture and demonstration. The class will then move to the jungle or cave location for practice and training. Each day of training will build upon previous skills, with the complexity and difficulty of the exercises increasing daily. We break for lunch on location, and continue training until it is time to return to the lodge for dinner. After a full course dinner we will gather around the tables for coffee and participants will review and practice the various skills. The haunting cry of the howler monkeys and other nocturnal sounds of the jungle will provide a memorable backdrop for late night tales of adventure.


Maritime Wilderness First Responder & Dive Accident Management
September 18-22, 2006 Ambergris Caye, Belize

This course focuses on the basics of saving lives and treating critical medical emergencies in, on, and around our island & marine environment. It uses demonstrations and discussions of important areas followed by extensive hands-on teaching and practice to ensure mastery of both concepts and skills. This class is specifically designed to be “Belize appropriate” in both how it is taught and it’s content. This class will be specific for the needs, resources, and capabilities of Belizean students and the local environment. The BDARRT Ambergris Caye Emergency Response Team, established after completing this program 3 years ago had many responses on & off the water! Many of the island response team members have moved to the mainland and are active on the National response team. We now need to recruit a new group of individuals who wish to be a part of our LOCAL lifesaving team. Ambergris Caye needs you ~! After completion of the course we encourage you to volunteer to be a member of the National SafetyTeam.
Belize Disaster and rescue Response Team. ( BDARRT) We need people like you to join ~!

This class will provide initial certification as a Wilderness First Responder / Dive Accident Management Provider, as well as recertification for those already certified. It also provides 30 hours of CME/CEU for those needing continuing education hours & is accepted for Belize Tour Guide License Recertification

Its target audience is Belizean tourism and diving personnel, marine research personnel and support staff, coastal fisheries, law enforcement and Defense Force personnel, marine and coastal NGO staff, national disaster and rescue personnel. A small number of selected North American medical providers may also be invited to participate on a space available basis.

The program this year will be held on Ambergris Caye, Belize:
The schedule is:

- September 17 ferry from Belize City to San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. You will be met and taken via water taxi to the training facility.
- September 18-22, class following with a graduation party, with a live band!
- September 23 return home.

You will need to provide clothing & shoes suitable for being in & on the water, sunscreen, insect repellant, hat, notebook & pens/pencils, a life jacket, knife, and flashlight (preferably waterproof!). You WILL be wet, hot, cold, sand covered, sun exposed, etc. so plan accordingly and have some clean clothing dedicated to class and down times. Pack light, bring the minimum you can get by with. There will be no in-water SCUBA during class, but if you are a diver we can help you arrange dives outside of class.
A special room rate has been arranged for a total of BZ$70 per night per person, including food and lodging, rooms will be shared.

Tuition for this special class includes all needed training materials and supplies, instructors, and related items. It is BZ$495.00 and includes your certification/recertification and continuing education hours.

Please complete the attached application and return it to:
Cori Docter
Essene Way, North AC 226-3257
[email protected]

Belize Institute For Tropical & Wilderness Medicine
AMBERGRIS CAYE, September 18-22 2006




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Please feel free to call, write, or e-mail with questions!!!!