Hi All,

I was at SAGA yesterday and they really desperately need some foster carers for the puppies they have there. I spoke to Dr. Heather the vet and the problem is that the shelter harbours so many infections that healthy puppies that come into the shelter environment have their immune system put under so much stress that they develop serious skin infections. These infections are not contagious to humans or other dogs but to recover, the puppies need attentive treatment and better living conditions. For those of you who are not aware, the current shelter is on dirt and sand and therefore impossible to keep free of disease (especially when people do things like throw a dog with distemper over the fence).

One puppy, who has featured as pet of the week in the local papers but has sadly not been adopted, was going to be euthanised last night until a foster carer (just for one week) was found at the last minute. There is another lovely puppy there in the same situation and if her condition does not improve she could be euthanased soon too. These are lovely dogs with great temperaments and would be beautiful pets.

So, if you think you could provide some temporary care to a puppy, please call Dr. Heather at SAGA on 226 3266.

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