Two bad Bushes and the poor, poor po-po department

Antigua Sun

Saturday October 07 2006

Well, one of the officers who went rounding up those “dancers” and its "entertainers” earlier this week is still laughing up to now.

He says he can’t figure out why Antigua hasn’t won any gold medals at the Olympics yet because the way he saw some men run and jump when they realised a police raid was on at what his boss describes as “houses of ill-repute” they are some pretty serious athletes, despite their full head of grey hair or pot bellies or both in some cases.

He was really very amused at the whole affair but one man who isn’t laughing is the proprietor of that establishment on Popeshead Street. There are claims that by the time the dust had settled and the guys and gals had been led away, the fellow was found to be wondering if his cash had run away with some of those who didn’t want to get caught up in the police dragnet.

There are claims that even though the register was not full to overflowing it had a reasonably decent look, if one can put “decen" and “house of ill-repute” together in the same thought.

In any event, the cash disappeared and though I will never accuse the police of having anything to do with what people claim is the disappearance of this money, I do recall a time when an officer was asked to drop his pants at the scene of a raid. Subsequently, he was found to have tucked away, in his underwear, a few hundred dollars from the dresser in one of the bedrooms of the home raided.

I believe his problem was that this wasn’t a building full of exotic dancers so that a bulge in the government’s pants might have been easily explained away. I can see the fellow before me right now with his strange looking eyes. He was a better than average cricketer too.

But I find the whole thing such a comedy of errors with the police claiming they went hunting for arms, ammunition and drugs. I guess they were angry they found none of the aforementioned and just decided to cart away a few people, probably trying to impress with that symposium surrounding these “entertainers and dancers” to follow in a couple of days.

I mean to say, whose half-brained idea was that? The timing could not have been worse and we can now accuse the prime minister of wholesale posturing if he had given the green light to the police. Now, if the raid had come after, well, that would have been quite a different story. Hmmmmm, I wonder if he knew what was going on?

Meanwhile I hear Clyde Walker washing his hand every minute. Guess he and his immigration department want nothing to do with that tarl, tarl. Let the police keep their cartoon to themselves, he must be saying.

Like how they done lock out former manager and new manager in one go it looks like they on a roll while Antiguans rolling with belly-laugh – except the former manager.

Nobody seems to be able to get him on the phones he once had as utilities boss. Talk about irony. He who once was able to order suppression of services has now been suppressed. One day hero next day goat.

Now you see how some people can make those in authority look foolish?

It’s not always the case though – just look at George W. Bush. He has a way of looking foolish without much help at all – not that those around him are doing any better. Some four years ago Bush and his colleagues cut military aid from some countries of the Caribbean when they decided they could not sign a bilateral immunity agreement that would prohibit them from handing over any American citizen to the International Criminal Court for trial. I mean, come on Georgie Boy! Now he realises Castro and Chavez and the Chinese gaining some ranks in the region so he is slinking back like the dog to its vomit claiming it is “important to the national interest of the United States” to waive the previous order prohibiting aid. So Trinidad & Tobago, St. Vincent & the Grenadines and Barbados are back in the saddle again and we imagine it will only be a matter of time before Antigua & Barbuda, Belize and Dominica are asked to open their doors to American military aid again. And I am sure he is expecting that the region will be eternally grateful.

Remember it’s just a couple of months ago that Antigua & Barbuda got some military aid from China? Well, ok then.

Then here it is they talk about Internet gaming and dare to bring up the morality argument while all around them, men are selling military secrets, shovelling funds for their own use or distressing 16 year-old page-boys with their sexual e-mail messages.

Anyway, I can’t take them boys on you see. I will be trying to find my teacher friends of days of old. I understand plenty back pay dollars sharing soon, soon.

The UPP supporter down the road from me is convinced his party doing really well.

“When we pay the teachers and dem it will be just one other big load of Bird mess we clean up,” he says.

Speaking of cleaning up, those people at the Nation’s Station, have a bit of work to do in cleaning up their act, especially on an afternoon show I was listening to the other day. Somebody told me the guy is close relative of mine so I had better search him out quickly and say a few words, which I hope will make a difference to the programming, especially as far as his repertoire is concerned.

I have said it before that I am all for freedom of expression but there has to be some responsibility that goes with the thing.

Meanwhile, this Bush I person goes past suggestive and is paddling furiously in sea of filth on a daily basis. Dr. Mansoor, Kenny, Alex come on fellows, I know we can do plenty, plenty better than that – talking about girls that borrow the underwear of others and get yeast infections – gimme a break!!!!

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