After a rocky start in his professional boxing career, Mike is doing much better these days.

He used to train with here on Ambergris with a Cuban coach, about six years ago.

Originally from Cayo, he is now in S.A. TX.

His next fight is in Washington state on the 14th of this month.

A piece of a boxing review about his latest fight on 9/22:

In the greatest fight this author has ever seen, a boxer from Belize by way of San Antonio, Michael Soberanis (7-12-1, 0 KO) was robbed silly against undefeated prospect from Mexicali, Ivan “Chicanito” Alvarez (8-0, 7 KO). It was quickly apparent Soberanis was no joke, he landed shots in between the guard of Alvarez in the opening seconds. In response, Alvarez lifted his hands and asked for more, as if he was the second coming of Ricardo Mayorga. Soberanis answered, by putting down Alvarez with a straight right. Alvarez quickly got up, but just as quickly was knocked down again by a quick left hook, this time he didn’t make it up so quickly. In the second, Alvarez put down Soberanis with a barrage of punches against the ropes and roared. Soberanis got back up and fought the rest of the round with no ill effects. In the third, Alvarez continued to lift his hands and ask for more, so Soberanis complied and landed a hard straight right and Alvarez was down again. “Chicanito” was looking like “quijada de crystal.” Suddenly, Alvarez’s trash talk was nowhere to be seen. For the last three rounds, Soberanis outboxed a wounded, shocked Alvarez, but the crowd knew if he didn’t knock out Alvarez he would not walk out with a victory. He was fighting a Mexican fighter in a Mexican town, even three knockdowns would not be enough. Unfortunately, this nightmare became reality as somehow the judges had it a draw. The one with sense, called it 59-55 for Soberanis, but the other two had it 55-55, a draw. So to them Soberanis lost round four, five, and six. Reasons like this are why boxing is a joke to mainstream, obvious bribing of judges and rampant corruption are just lowering it slowly, while other sports take what was once the king sport of America. At one time, 100,000 fans watched Joe Louis defeat Max Schmeling in Yankee Stadium while millions more listened on the radio. Thank Frankie Carbo, Blinky Palermo, Bob Arum, Don King and others for turning this once great sport into a cartel.



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