The Belize Yacht Club hotel is routinely and systematically misleading actual and potential guests as to the status of Protech Dive Centre, which has the misfortune to lease premises from them. Most recently this morning, guests are told either that Protech has ceased operations or still operates but is such a poor business that BYC cannot send its guests there. They added this morning that Protech also no longer have electricity, allowing the guests to infer that this was because they had not paid their electricity bill. They omitted to mention that they cut off the electricity and have refused to reconnect it (the feed passes through the Yacht Club so this is physically easy) and that no balance is owing - that indeed their most recent invoice was paid in cash the day it was received. It is just another tactic in their war of attrition.

This behaviour has persisted over many months, as regular readers of this board will know, and appears to be driven by the greed of a lucrative contract to let the dock elsewhere which cannot commence until Protech leaves. Protech's lease provides for a rolling two year notice period.

Anyone contemplating staying at the Belize Yacht Club or diving/snorkeling/fishing with Protech should investigate thoroughly before committing themselves.