Actual building construction has come to a halt over the holidays. We
have still been processing lumber into correct sizes and making trusses.
Materials for 8 houses, except tin has been delivered this week to Aguacate
and lumber trusses and posts for 3 houses were sold and delivered to Santa
Teresa for a team of volunteers who wanted to do a project there. It seems
to be the advice of all involved that it it time to wind down this project
by finishing the houses that we have funds for, and to stop asking for more
financial aid. Here is a current rundown of the current standing:
San Marcos 58 houses
Machaca 1
Mafredi 1
Blue Creek 16
Santa Cruz 26
Big Falls 6
Santa Elena 1
Crique Jute 21
San Miguel 5 completed 17 finished except tin
Tambran 11
Medina Bank 25
Golden Stream 2
Aguacate 8 in process
Santa Elena 20 Proposed
Queso Creek 3 Proposed

Total of 198 houses completed and/or in stages of completion.
Total Expenditures to date $161,000BZ. Includes materials on hand. Lumber for
part of the proposed houses but not tin.
Average cost per house $813.13. BZ
Balance on hand $20,000. BZ

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