Precious are all things that come
from friends

I would like to express my gratitude to all my friends and family who put together and participated in the fundraiser on October 29th. I especially thank, with all my heart, Mrs. Charlene Woods for allowing this event at BC’s bar on one of her busiest days of the week since I know she took a loss on her food sales of that day. Special thanks go out to the following: To Jesse Cope and Marty Casado for all the online advertisement and help they have been giving, and to the organizers Dulce Wolfe, Joyce Harris, and my brother in law Carlo. To the two gentlemen, Ray and Don, thank you very much for standing all day in front of those hot BBQ pits and cooking that delicious chicken. For working those long hours during the event, I also want to say thank you to my sisters Angela and Alma, my friends Vianey, Marie Young, and Ms. Jan from the Pier Lounge. To Captain Tom Thomas, thank you very much for those delicious French fries. Thanks to Miss Eva and her friend Cathy for selling all those raffle tickets. A special “thank you” goes to Chuck Merritt for being the auctioneer, and especially to Ms. Sherry, owner of Pasta La Vista, for modeling the items, and to Susan for co-coordinating the auction. I especially want to thank all my fellow musicians for that great jam session- Dennis Wolfe, Dennis Jr., Dale Wallace, Oscar Aguilar, Peseto, Drummer Dan, Keith, Little Derek, Russell, and Gino. For donating the items and food to make this fundraiser possible I thank the following people: Charlene Woods, Mrs. Zenaida Varela, Ms Nena Squires, Chap, Veli, Josie Harding, Manelly’s Ice Cream, Tim Budd, Jimbo Vasquez, Ms. Betty and Mr. Harry of Harry’s Hot Dogs, Delsia, Virginia Wallace, Mari, Deny, Lilly, Susana, Merci, Ema, Sharon and Jim Patterson of Casa Mañana, Fidel Ancona, Jonathan Mullen who did the video work, Sergio Gomez of Mouspad for the fliers, Ms. Nelly Sabido, my nephew Junior, Tim Prevett, Mary Beisner, Xanadu Resort, Lilly’s Treasure Chest, Reef Radio, Ambergris Today, The San Pedro Sun, and especially to my mother for cooking all those wonderful pastries. A special thanks also goes out to the people who donated money on-line or through the mail. To see a community come together for a friend in need gives so much hope to my soul. I apologize in advance if I forgot to give special mention to anyone, I thank everyone who made this possible.
Reynaldo Gonzalez