By Ray Auxillou-

Alaska is finding that having too many cruise ships is hurting their
environment. They are going to cut the number of cruise ships in half,
permitted to tour Alaskan waters. There is fuel pollution, garbage
pollution, all that sewage, and soapy water discharges from kitchens.
Each cruise ship is equivalent to a small city with all the attendant
pollution problems and the stuff is overcoming the environment. The
pristine areas are no longer pristine. Even though cruise ships agree to
do cleaner operations and even have filters, scrubbers, garbage
compactors and all that investment on board. It has been found that
often the management do not use the facilities, because it is simply more
convenient and faster to dump stuff overboard. They by-pass the
equipment supposed to clean the debris on board.

The Caye Caulker liquor board wants to close down three bar operations
in the village for too much noise. Or violations of the noise ordinance
in the by-laws. Nobody is using a decibel meter yet to quantify the
noise levels, it is all subjective by neighbors complaining. Belmopan
politicians are overruling the Liquor Board at Caye Caulker, so they the
CC Liquor Board have RESIGNED en-masse. If autonomy and home rule is not
real, then what is the sense of the charade? You are supposed to settle
problems through legislation and the court process, not by a politician
using a decree in a democracy.
The Village Council needs a decibal meter to measure sound from bars,
clear concise rules in the Village by-laws and ordinances, then have the
Village Council Clerk issue a citation of warning first time. A noise
ticket the second time with a $500 fine, payable to the Village Council
Treasurer. This means of course, that they have to make regulations for
the community on a par with community spirit. They probably will have to
elect a local judge, so a ticketed bar could present their defense in a
local village court on the ticket if they so choose. If they lose, then
the bar would have to pay court costs as well as the fine at Village
level. Time to grow up boys and girls!

The three complaining nations whose banana industry and governments
are basically controlled by US banana companies, are stalling any
negotiations to resolve the dispute between the USA and Caribbean banana
producers at EU. The EU is seeking a way to continue the self support
type of foreign aid to Caribbean countries, that allow them to feed their
countries through growing bananas by special tariff protection in markets
in Europe. The USA wants to cut this out and have Europe just give money
in aid to the Caribbean governments instead. Logic from my viewpoint
says preferential tariffs and a local industry has more dignity in this
type of foreign aid and it goes directly to the rural small farmer. A
much better way of applying foreign aid.

Caribbean book publishing continues to be lethargic. From my own
perspective, it is the problem with distribution and collection of book
sales that is the problem. I would willingly continue to write and
publish books at my own expense, but I can't get a distributor to sell
and collect and pay me for them. They always cheat and steal the money
like Angelus Press did to me in Belize City. It is too time consuming
and expensive to chase after your book sales money.

Dominica has a delegation going to Latin America to promote it's
OFFSHORE BANKING INDUSTRY. They are aggressively seeking a bigger piece
of the financial pie of the world economic markets. Finance Minister
Ambrose George is going to Venezuela to promote the industry.
You know, if you require a board meeting for an IBC once a year in the
host country, you boost tourism and often bring in investment as well!

American subsidized rice, is stealing the Guyanese rice market in
Jamaica. So much for Caribbean common market ideas? Some things we can
do as a common bonded set of countries, but a common market is not one of
them. A Caribbean Supreme Court is a good idea though. Blanket
agreements to punish the G-7 countries for blacklisting Caribbean
financial markets is another good idea. A Caribbean ban on targeted
imports would be a start, from G-7 countries. A penalty tax for G-7
citizens at the airport incoming, to fight the economic war would be
another. Don't forget, the Caribbean Market combined is bigger than that
of Brazil for USA goods.

Jamaica is running a $550 million budget deficit. They are seeking to
sell Bonds in New York for dollars and in Germany for Eurodollars. The
new Euro dollar is now the new currency and in circulation in Europe.

A shoe plant is closing up in Aquadilla, Puerto Rico. It is unprofitable.