From the Office of the Prime Minister:

Meso-American Heads sign joint declaration

28 August, 2000 - Belmopan
Prime Minister Hon. Said Musa, the Presidents of Costa Rica, Guatemala,
Honduras, Mexico and Nicaragua and the First Vice-President of Panama
signed a joint declaration on Friday in Guatemala City at the end of the
4th Tuxtla Summit.

The declaration reflects the gains made jointly by the countries of
meso-america and calls for a further strengthening of the relations
between these countries. It was the product of weeks of negotiations
between the meso-american states and covers cooperation in political,
economic, social and cultural areas.

Belize also took this opportunity to make known its intention of
becoming a full member of SICA (Central American Integration System).
This was unanimously supported by all Central American countries, and
was highlighted by Guatemalan President Portillo in his closing

A serious appeal was made in the joint declaration to the Organization
of Petroleum Exporting Counties (OPEC) to take into consideration the
economic plight of developing countries, in part brought on by the high
price of oil. In this regard, the Tuxtla Heads expressed solidarity and
pledged cooperation.

Prime Minister Musa was accompanied by Ambassador Moises Cal, Foreign
Service Officer Edith Gahona, Minister Counselor Perla Hinojosa,
Counselor Charles Peyrefitte and First Secretary Gaspar Ken.

Prime Minister Musa returned to Belize on Saturday, August 26th 2000.