Amandala sources say that the Bella Vista Group may have invested almost $100,000 in
a feasibility study for a 6-lane boulevard on land to be reclaimed from the Caribbean Sea
running from the Radisson Fort George pier past Central Bank to Eve Street past the old
Belize City Hospital.

The Bella Vista Group, which includes Buttonwood Bay, Bella Vista, Belama Extension,
Vista del Mar and other huge and successful development projects in its dossier, notes
that the 25 or 30 cruise ships which visited Belize City this year created roughly 2,825
busloads of tourists, not to mention 400 other vehicles (taxis, tourist operators), and a real
traffic mess.

For the coming tourist season, however, Bella Vista anticipates 118 cruise ships (an
increase of almost 500 per cent) docking in Belize City between October 2000 and May
2001, and a total of 141,000 tourists in 12 hour periods trying to gain access to the interior
of Belize, then returning to the ships.

In this congestion scenario in the Fort George area, Bella Vista will propose a
concrete-piled boulevard built on 10 acres of reclaimed land running east of the Central
Bank area. The value of new, prime real estate available for upscale financial businesses
may be as high as BZE$9.5 million.