If you are not a geek, I apologize for wasting your time, but all the geeks (in the closet or out) will be intrested in this rockin gaming/media center.

Trying to guage interest in this. I already have a $1200bze bid here on Caye Caulker. Please email me at alexs_07675 [at] yahoo.com to make a HIGHER bid or ask any questions.


Purchase a Home Media Center Today!!

All Upgrades Listed are INSTALLED and WORKING
1hr of setup/training time is included if so desired.

Standard Games
- Halo 2 (the best game out, especially online)
- Crimson Skies

Too many backup games to list

Xecutor 2.3b Lite Mod Chip (w/ EVOX dashboard)
- w/ MOD-ON/OFF switch for use with Xbox Live
- Plays all backup games + regular games
- Local FTP all your media files to the xbox and play using your stereo, TV and more.

250GB Hitachi Hard Drive
- Store Movies, Music, backup games etc. on this HUGE hard drive

Samsung SD-616T DVD-ROM Upgrade
- Huge upgrade from standard xbox drive, no more "disk read error".
- 16x read times and much more media and file type support

XBOX Live Subscription (Broadband Internet Required)
w/ XBOX Live Headset

(1) Logitech® Cordless Precision™ Controller for Xbox®
- Wireless Controller and base station included

(1) Xbox Standard Controller

Audio/Video Cable (red/white/yellow) - Can be upgraded with an HD adapter for HDTV Sets.

Power Cord