I had visited Caye Caulker twice this year, the last time in late August. Was there for 10 days on a honeymoon. We snorkeled at the reef and witnessed the restoration of the new beach. It was so beautiful and it pains me to see all the effort wiped out by one stroke of nature's fury. And we had planned on relocating permanently in Caye Caulker in the next two years -- what is going to happen to the beautiful island now? And the wonderful people, will they be able to rise up from out of the rubbles? I cry for Caye Caulker -- I cry for my loved one and for my friends whose fates are still unknown to me as of this writing. Jim, Kenny, Uncle Lou, Dr. Doolittle, Woody and Annette, Cindy -- are you all safe and okay? If any of you happen to read this message, please contact me. I love you all and I pray for your safety. God bless and keep you safe always. - Terri