I'm looking for two things:

First, if you're a realtor, I would like to list your contact information on the RealEstateInBelize.org web site. Please send me your Name, Company Name, Email Address,Physical Address and Web Site Link (if you have one) via my contact form here: http://www.realestateinbelize.org/account.php?action=contactAdmin

Second, I'm looking for a couple realtors to help me with beta-testing my site's "realtor services".

Here's what I'm proposing: I would like to have someone who can help me test & tune my service offerings on http://www.realestateinbelize.org/services.php

In trade, you would receive the services for free.

Ideally, I would like 2 realtors. One who would use the live feed service, and another who would use the mini-site.

If you would be interested in either of these, and have a number of listings per year, please contact me through the form, here: http://www.realestateinbelize.org/account.php?action=contactAdmin