Two contracts have been signed for road upgrading. The
signing took place yesterday at the Ministry of Works and
Transport in Belmopan. The first contract for the
upgrading of the Burrell Boom Road is valued at 17 point
3 million dollars and will also include drainage and a new
two-lane bridge. Funding for the Boom Upgrading Project
comes from the International Bank for Reconstruction and
Development (the World Bank) and Government. Signing
on behalf of the Government was Minister of Works, Henry
Canton, while John Woods signed on behalf of CISCO
Construction Company, the Contractor. The second
contract is for the Foreshore Development in Punta Gorda,
on which work has already started. This project includes
the construction of two miles of sidewalk and drains,
coastal work and the building of a seawall. This project is
valued at 4 million dollars and is made possible with
funding from Kuwait/OPEC and Government. Minister
Canton also signed on behalf of Government while John
Pollak signed on behalf of Phoenix Limited.