Hi All, Thanks for the birthday wishes. These first two weeks of being 40 have been spectacular. Made the 60 mile walk with no problems, just a little heat rash and two small blisters, which the waters of AC cured in no time flat. Just enjoyed going over 12 rolls of pictures from both events and smiling with all the memories we made. Hope to post some soon.
Just coming down from my cloud and trying to get back into the swing of a regular schedule. Dinner with hubby and the kids, school starting and no more training walks for awhile.
Barefoot... Met Elizabeth and she touched my soul. I've been searching for wise women and gathering in their specialness. I was fortunate to come across not just one but two such women on my visit to AC. Vicky gave me the best massage I've ever had and restored me to my healthly self and Elizabeth shined her light on me for a moment in time. What a special person she is.
Magic and angels can be found where ever we are.........