I'm just about ready to start work on the micro-freighter -- have
a picture of its present state -- cleaned -- stripped down -- ready to

My problem is accessing a market. I know this will be a great advantage
time and money for anyone building and needing "cement", steel rod and
other heavy cargo items for North Ambergris caye. But how can I reach
to let them know I have this service??

The San Pedro town crowd is a closed shop. They bring cement in by
truckloads by barge. Then unload at the municipal dock. From there it is
trucked by five ton truck (which are tearing up the roads big time) to
customers with road access. Those on North Ambergris do not have heavy
truck access -- so then the cement is unloaded from barge -- trucked to
back lagoon. Loaded on "lighters" and moved to the site.

What I can do is revolutionize this system for the better. That is point
point. I will be able to carry at least 8 tons of cargo point to point.
cargo hold is 18 ft long by 8 feet wide. And will be decked -- that is
water tight. Stuff gets there dry.

A bag of cement costs $5.00 to move with the big barge from Belize City
SP. The trucking adds at least another $1.00. The "lightering" at least
another $1.50 -- for the close hauls. For past Journey's end the price
up steeply!

Further - it takes a week from order to delivery!!

I can bring cement to anyone in those areas for a dollar less or cheaper
and within 24 to 48 hours!

Also -- I supply all the labor for unloading!! (Worth probably at least
another 50 cents per bag -- if not more.

Also -- I can help source and deliver any other materials they need --
well as find good carpenter/workers for what ever project they intend.

Right now -- a lot of "bums" out there conning gringos for jobs
to Bill Henkes).

That is they charge top dollar and literally sit around doing very

I can supply labor at probably half the charge that will work four times

Anyone needing a reference -- well, I did do exactly all the above for
Gram and Cayo Espanto rebuild after hurricane Keith. With a smaller boat
which is also still available.

Just pass this message on to any one interested in making arrangements.
can be reached at:

[email protected]

Certainly -- the person that does do their supply side through this new
venture will be way ahead of the rest of the crowd -- get there job done
half the time or less -- and save a pile of money as well.

I also can do pick-ups of Cargo from the Harbor in Chetumal -- as well
Corozal and Belize City.

Peter Singfield

Corozal Town

Belize, Central America