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#140144 - 11/17/01 02:35 PM Amendment I re: Basil Jones  
Joined: Nov 2001
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ati2d Offline
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Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
(just a reminder.....but maybe some people on this site AREN'T Americans. Makes me feel that much better about the USA.)

Mosquitorose posted 11-17-2001 11:27 AM
Gee Anita, I couldn't even answer your posting, it's blocked. I could only post a new subject. I feel a bit slighted. I don't like someone dictating to me what I should read and what I shouldn't, or when there's enough of one subject. It's a shame that one of the moderators is involved in a subject that we want to discuss, so she can close the thread or pull posts at will. Talk about freedom of speech! This is a big board with enough room for lots of stuff. Apparently this subject happens to be the going thing right now. Just look at the traffic anything about Basil Jones gets. Anywhere from 25 to 57 replies...compared to the others. What does that tell you? Is this our board or what? If you don't want to read something....don't! but don't dictate to others. Please have the decency to remove youself from the board if you can't be fare! Or just let Marty take care of it. These people have a right to their free speech!

On another note. I think it's so unprofessional to name people because you can. we all have alias names here. What gives you the right to posts our real names. I guess because you can?


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IP: Logged
posted 11-17-2001 11:45 AM
I CAN'T BELIEVE SOMEONE ELSE WOULD LOCK A POSTING THAT I STARTED! What's up with that? That doesn't make us suspicious now does it???? Who doesn't want us communicating with each other?
I would like to keep the lines of communication open for all of us Basil Jones Resort "owners". So even though "STATE OF BASIL JONES" has been closed, let's not lose touch with each other & any updates that may occur.
You can also check out:

Thanks, Anita
(you're not talking about me posting people's names are you? I don't think I'VE done that.....)
IP: Logged
posted 11-17-2001 12:27 PM
Come on guys, if you want to take back what you have said it is easy, just go in edit and delete your posts, but to close the thread. Who is
dictating here?
The BJR is not about Sandshaker, Adam or Gary. It is clearly about the people that invested cold hard cash in the RESORT. They do need a voice here, to protect themselves and future buyers. "UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL."
I visited the BJR construction site, listened to all the information and visited with many people, but did not buy a timeshare. BUT if I had, you bet I would be SCREAMING AND SEEKING ALOT OF HELP.

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#140145 - 11/17/01 02:42 PM Re: Amendment I re: Basil Jones  
Joined: Nov 2000
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seashell Offline
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If the people that want to talk about BJR or ask what is going on, would refrain from attacking the one person that is trying to help them, then perhaps the threads would stand.

Anyone that knows my posting history here, knows that I have been *very* vocal about threads being deleted and how I don't like it. However, in this case I understood that the first thread got way too long and the second thread was started by Sandshaker.

If all you guys want to do is come on here and maligne her character then she can delete threads to her heart's content as far as I'm concerned.

So grow up!!! If you want to talk about BJR's status, do so. If you want to be malicious, then I think you misunderstand the nature of this board and free-speech doesn't enter into it.

A fish and a bird can fall in love, but where will they build their nest?

#140146 - 11/17/01 07:06 PM Re: Amendment I re: Basil Jones  
Joined: Nov 2001
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Sandshaker Offline
Sandshaker  Offline

If I'm not mistaken....THERE IS a Basil Jones group at yahoo that YOU, conveniently provided a link for.

If your real concern was about owners getting info about Basil Jones....seems to me that you would use that forum.

Obviously from the previous postings on this people DON'T want to just discuss Basil Jones. This message board....especially the "General Chat" section has turned into a boxing ring in which anyone is allowed to attack other people...namely myself and Gary.
I cannot speak for Gary....I can only speak for myself.
Given the fact that MOST of you have never lived on Ambergris Caye...and MOST of you have never met me....nor were you present when I worked for Basil Jones where you could observe my work seems to me that MOST of you are assuming a lot...and judging me strictly by rumour fueled by the postings that take place on this message board.

You do not have to post freedom of speech rights...I am well aware of what freedom of speech is. I am also aware that this message board BELONGS to Marty Casado....NOT YOU. It is his decision as to how he wants it run. When you start paying for the software that it takes to set this up and the costs that it takes to keep it running...then you can turn it into YOUR room and run it the way YOU see fit!

There isn't anything I do on this board in an administrative capacity that Marty is not made aware of first.

And...just to satisfy those of you that think I arbitrarily yank stuff off of here b/c I don't like it....GO BACK AND READ ALL THE BASIL JONES POSTS....DUHH!!!!

I think if I was gonna do wouldn't find a single post....would you?
There have been many times when I stroked that delete button lovingly....especially with those that seem to only be able to talk and not listen....for sure my patience runs very thin. However...I am not that kind of person and I find it totally un-ethical to do so....b/c I DO know what freedom of speech is.

I DID pull Pedro's post yesterday...because he crossed the line. I emailed him to give him an opportunity to explain himself PRIVATELY. What he posted was purely slanderous....and I'm about to my limit on slander...that happens to be against the law....can somebody look that up for me and post it?...thanks!

Pedro is the one who chose to post his ridiculous message again....choosing to discuss it PUBLICLY....instead of privately.
HE chose the rules...not me....and if you think that I will sit by and be slandered without defending're wrong.
I would expect any of you to do the same.

I started the "Status of Basil Jones" thread....makes a lot of sense, huh?....seeing as I like to arbitrarily delete things to my advantage...uh hum.
I also closed it...when it turned into a 3-Ring circus. Like I said...this board belongs to Marty...and I didn't feel it was fair to him or the other people who frequent here to be HOGGING his message board over Basil Jones.

I will say thanks to Anita for posting the address for the yahoo group. I don't belong to that group and didn't know the address.
I did close that thread....because I had just asked everyone to try and communicate thru other means.

There are some things that I would like to discuss with members and owners....but a lot of you have closed that door because you can't seem to keep anything between yourselves. As soon as you are sent an email, you copy and paste it onto a message board.
There are some of you that know a lot more than the rest simply because I have an ongoing dialog with you by email or by phone,... only b/c I know I can trust you.
To those I will say thanks for what we have accomplished already.

The ones that don't know how to keep quiet and always want to debate everything publicly...I guess you will have to wait till I send out a final email.

I'm sorry if this offends anyone but that is how I choose to handle it. I do not want to use this forum to debate Basil Jones any longer. It's not productive...and quite frankly uses a lot of my time and resources that could be better spent trying to REALLY solve the problem.

"I know God won't give me anything I can't handle. I just wish he didn't trust me so much."
Mother Teresa

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#140147 - 11/17/01 10:33 PM Re: Amendment I re: Basil Jones  
Joined: Nov 2001
Posts: 83
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I didn't know that this site "belonged" to someone. (I really didn't) I guess I don't know the rules yet. (do I need to get approval from someone before I post something?) There are many different topics listed on the General Chat Area & sometimes I read those too. We all have that choice too. But I'm REALLY glad I found the topic about Basil Jones resort finally. I kept believing what I was being told....that the resort was just delayed because of the hurricaines, worker slow down, etc......It wasn't until I connected to the groups here, TUG BBS, & yahoo, that I got the real story. I wish I would have known way back when some other people did, because I wouldn't have let our best friends buy non-refundable plane tickets, & request time off from work to go to Basil Jones with us on 11/24/01. Now we haven't budgeted for another vacation which includes paying for lodging, so it looks like we're not going on vacation. (which is not the worst thing that could happen to anyone, but it is disappointing) We've been to Ambergrise Caye & we love the place for it's simplicity. It's easy to feel right at home. We wanted to share the Caye with our friends.
Sandshaker, I have gotten personal e-mails from you & you sound like a really nice person. And I say again, none of this is your fault! It is totally Adam's. I'm not even sure that you would have know how to get in touch with all of the "owners" when you knew the enormity of what happened. But Gary should have given us a "head's up" a lot sooner. I wouldn't be so frustrated if I had had more warning so we could have avoided making plans for this year. I'm still hoping for 2002.
You're right about some people saying some really bad things to you & about you, but intelligent people will consider the source & the circumstances in which they were said.
I DO want to keep the lines of communications open with ANYONE who can keep me informed as to what's going on & the progress of the resort. I DON'T want to be kept in the dark again. My time is valuable to me, also.
Hope you will take this in the spirit it was intended.
Regards, Anita

#140148 - 11/17/01 11:43 PM Re: Amendment I re: Basil Jones  
Joined: Nov 2000
Posts: 8,880
seashell Offline
seashell  Offline
Anita, I feel for you, I really do. I can only imagine . . . Regardless, I'm surprised that given non-refundable airfare you haven't found another way to handle your acco needs. I know it's an unexpected and painful expense but still there are options. You could stay at Rubies or Marthas or something.

OK, so you didn't understand that this board belonged to somebody. That's OK too because I wasn't all that clear on it when I first started following the board either.

Since you don't know (and I'm sure Marty or Sandshaker can explain it better) what was happening was that a bunch of AC Lovers were having too much fun and cluttering up the main message area with too much frivolity, blue drinks, kilodogs, giggling and such. The more serious folk were complaining that they couldn't wade through all the noise to find the information. It was suggested that the General Chat area be formed and Marty, ever considerate of the users of this board, set it up.

I'm very grateful to Marty for this board . . . even if I do beef about censorship from time to time. :^) And Sandshaker is one of the best and most fair administrators.

A fish and a bird can fall in love, but where will they build their nest?

#140149 - 11/18/01 12:22 AM Re: Amendment I re: Basil Jones  
Joined: Nov 2001
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I wish we COULD go to Ambergris Caye now. My husband is a small business owner & since 9/11 things have been TIGHT. This would have been just right because it was "prepaid" & since we had 2 Huts, it would have been perfect for 4 people to share the other expenses of the stay. Well, I guess I'll just be looking at my scrapbook this year :-(
K.I.T. (keep in touch)

#140150 - 11/18/01 04:44 AM Re: Amendment I re: Basil Jones  
Joined: Nov 2001
Posts: 431
Sandshaker Offline
Sandshaker  Offline

I know you are very upset....and I know the details of your particular situation.
It's not fair...and it sucks BIGTIME!
Unfortunately....there isn't anything immediate you can do to change it in time for your vacation.

I'm with Seashell....I wouldn't let it spoil my chance for some much needed R & R.
Search around for some budget accommodations and go anyway. Make the best of a bad situation. The Conch Shell and San Pedrano are also two nice budget locations...clean, comfy....and great breeze all the time. Both have really nice porches you can sit on and sip a few panty rippers while you watch the sun go down. I think both are around $35 - $45 US a night. Go...and have fun!
If you go with the right attitude...I promise you will have fun! [Linked Image]

Conch Shell //
They also have a 7 night/dive package for $'s on the website.

Hideaway Lodge
A favorite of're sure to have a good time here!

The Tides //
Another very nice place with a great view!
Good people....and free gear rental with dives.

San Pedrano Hotel
I don't see a website for them but their email is:
and phone number is: 011-501-26-2054
This is a favorite of mine...the people are great...they have their own hometown grocery store below...and the chinese take-out place is across the!
They have a great balcony with plenty of breeze coming thru.

Hope this helps! [Linked Image]

[This message has been edited by Sandshaker (edited 11-18-2001).]

#140151 - 11/18/01 10:21 AM Re: Amendment I re: Basil Jones  

I have offered to help BJR owners, and several have taken me up on my offer. I have a 2 bedroom house on AC, that I will rent for a very fair price (others have found it more reasonable than even the cheapest hotels). If you are interested, please e me at I feel bad for you guys, and just want to help. I don't rent my house out on a regular basis, but I have met so many of the BJR owners, and think you are a great groupl.
Look forward to hearing from you.

#140152 - 11/18/01 11:38 AM Re: Amendment I re: Basil Jones  
Joined: Nov 2001
Posts: 431
Sandshaker Offline
Sandshaker  Offline
That sounds like a great idea...and very nice of you!


#140153 - 11/18/01 07:16 PM Re: Amendment I re: Basil Jones  
Joined: Sep 2001
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pedro Offline
pedro  Offline
Having been involved with BJ from the start I have different viewpoints.I hired Tammy and we were both told by Adam that he owned the land (as were my attorneys) when I found out this was not the case I kicked shit out of him in Fidos.The next day I told Tammy that we had been lied to and she refused to believe me even though I had her call the real estate agents (Southwind) who told her the same story - who do you want to believe?

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