Hello to all.
I have enjoyed reading these messages on this site. I am now in Chetumal for the winter I hope to get to A.C this winter and meet some of you
This will be my 16th year here but I don't get to Belize too often.
I used to go to Sittie River when my friend lived there but he moved up here.
I still have 10 acers there on the river. If anybody is coming to Chetumal we are at Calderities Just go to the restaurants by the trailer park and ask for the Canadians. I have my comp. At my friends house across from the restaurant. I live on a small ranch 4km. North on the Laguna Gurraro Rd.
You are welcome to come and visit any time.
I also have an 18ft. Cross trimaran that I may sell this year. 4to 5 thou.
Depending on the masts, sail, etc. Email if interested.
Thanks David White [email protected]