28 June, 2001 - Belmopan City
The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, & Cooperatives organized a
meeting at Running W. on the 20th of June 2001 at 7:00 p.m. Invited
guest were Businessmen from the Cayo District.

The purpose of this meeting was to request contributions towards the
opening of St. Ignatius School in Santa Elena Town, Cayo District this
coming September.

An initial inspection of the building concluded that it needs some
repairs to stop the leaking from the roof and some doors, bolts and

There is an absolute need for some bathroom facilities as what is there,
is only suitable to infants and not teens in high school.

The Invocation was by Fr. Martin Murphy and the key note address was
done by Hon. Daniel Silva.

Minister Silva stated that theres a need to establish more schools in
the country in order to educate the young generation because
"Education is a wonderful investment' and "A young
mind is a terrible thing to waste'.

Also, Minister Silva said that future plans are to build new High
Schools in the Toledo District and in Blue Creek (Orange Walk

Twelve Board Members have been elected and the Principal for the St.
Ignatius School will be Ms. Marie Scott.

Pledges for 17 classroom was made and these persons below made the
following contribution:

1. Carlos Habet, 200 blocks
2. Mr. Eugene Burns - Hode's Place, $ 500.00 worth of tiles for
3. Mr. Rolando Montero, $200.00 CASH.
4. Mr. Horace Grant - Plasmet, $1000.00 worth of paint
5. Mr. Peter Lizarraga, $2000.00 kind or cash
6. Mr. Santiago Mendoza, Donate all sand & 200 blocks
7. Mr. Charles Young, Contract to do Electrical Wiring
8. Mr. Escandar Bedran - Running W., $1,500.00 CASH & Food items
9. Mr. Amin Bedran - Pine Lumber Co., $1,500.00 CASH
10. BAHA, $11,000.00 CASH
11. Ministry of Agriculture, $25,000.00 CASH
12. Venus Store, $1,000.00 CASH

The total sum of money required to bring this school into use is
estimated at BZE$70, 000.

We ask the General Public to support a worthy cause.

For further information, contact: Mr. Ismael Garcia (MAFC), telephone
08-22672/22241/42/ or 014-2199.
We would like to thank all those persons for their support for this
project and putting the drive on, to see it come to fruition this coming
school year.