Sorry it has taken me so long to reply. We did go on our holiday to Ambergris Caye and had a wonderful time. With two teenaged girls in tow (one of whom it seems the locals LOVED) we were kept quite busy. It was only in talking to Carol and Don at Crazy Canucks that I learned that this thread had been moved to the chat area (where it rightfully belonged) but I never go into the chat area.
After getting back from AC I was a little disenchanted with the message board
because of a thread titled "Canada Strikes Again" but I thought I'd at least check out this thread because Carol said that there were quite a few messages on it.

Anyhow, here I am and to answer your question, No I haven't heard of the
diamond exploration around here. I've lived in the Peace Country for six years
now and yes Belize is a great place to thaw especially right now - we are really
getting the minus temperatures and snow up to our butts. Unfortunately, it was beautiful when we left and when we came back, we only got the snow about five days after we got back. Murphy's Law!!

I got myself caught up with the Oliver family from Vanrena and am now married to Barry.
Belize was our honeymoon. I don't know if you know any of the people that I know but I'll wait to see if you get this message.