On Friday night much of Belize was unable to watch
this newscast--or anything else requiring
electricity--due to a massive blackout...and now Belize
Electricity Limited is explaining why it happened.
According to a B.E.L. release the problem can once
again be traced to Mexico. Around four-thirty a
substation at Xul-Ha near Bacalar shut down due to a
mechanical malfunction and all power was cut off to
Belize. At the time Belize was relying on Mexico for
sixty-six percent of its energy requirements. Normally,
according to B.E.L., it would take about a half-hour to
fire up the diesels and squeeze more power from
Mollejon to compensate for the loss, but a breaker the
substation near mile eight on the Western Highway
also malfunctioned. It was not until eight-thirty that
Xul-Ha came back on line and the electric company got
its act together shortly thereafter. Various feeders in
the Belize, Cayo, Orange Walk and Corozal Districts
were affected by the blackout.