Just wanted to let people know that there are no less than two write-ups on Belize today in the Saturday edition of the Toronto Star in the Travel section. One is by Lisa J Adams and she writes about Cave dwellers and Ian Anderson's Caves Branch. The other is in Catherine George's column called Going Places, she makes mention of three 9 day trips in Belize during December offered by Island Expeditions.

If you go to www.thestar.com you can do a search under the word Belize and the Cave dwellers article comes up, with several related links to Belize. Great article but the unfortunate part is that the TO Star related links for Belize discussions ONLY points you to Belize forums NOT this wonderful board!

Hey! Maybe I can subsidize my next trip to Belize by writing a different article about other places in Belize and pointing people to the BEST message board on the web for Belize. But then again, do I really want to send more tourists there to spoil 'our' wonderful treasure??

Cheers Gail